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New Knives for the Week of October 15th, 2020 Just In at KnifeCenter.com Karambit Knife Fighting

qcreek11 Jun 14

A big Bolo on sale, some Spyderco Reveal 6, a fancy Fox, and a Lamborghini analogy. Check out the latest knives and EDC gear from KnifeCenter here: https://kcoti.com/3kfl7wp

Check out our interview with Eric Glesser about Reveal 6 here: https://youtu.be/P1QAPVYgeWg

Featured Knives
0:00 Intro
0:15 Schrade Bolo Machete: https://kcoti.com/2SX5sWm
3:07 Spyderco Bug and HoneyBee Black Oxide: https://kcoti.com/2SYJwKk
4:22 Kizer Sheepdog Carbon Fiber: https://kcoti.com/2H0B2jC
6:15 Fox Radius Damasteel, Dart Karambit, and Parang: https://kcoti.com/3k0szuY
14:37 TOPS 3 Pointer: https://kcoti.com/2SViun4
16:39 Case Patriotic Copperlock: https://kcoti.com/3lQpez4
17:47 Pro-Tech TR2: https://kcoti.com/377GX0O
18:50 DPx Gear HEST/F 3.0 Leggaro: https://kcoti.com/3nSZ2FP
20:57 Bestech Mako and Platypus: https://kcoti.com/3nUhjTu

Interested in a Tek-Lok? Get them here: https://kcoti.com/34YqPM0

The availability of custom and sprint run knives are often limited to stock on hand. Check our website for the latest availability.

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Karambit Knife Fighting


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