Spyderco Jens Anso Zulu Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Price: A Popular Mechanics article inspired Danish teenage Jens Anso to take a drill press and power tools to an old metal file and make his first knife.  When Gretzky slapped his first puck or Jordan tried out for the junior-high basketball team, history was written as it was when years later, an older Jens […]

MCC – 102 Basic Knife Defense

Basic knife defense. DISCLAIMER: These clips are for entertainment and general informational purposes only. We are not instructing you, or encouraging you to do or to believe anything, except…

Combat / No Spin Knife Throw

Combat / No Spin Knife Throw Used In Stick & Kick This throw is used in hole hunting and excellent for defense when used with a smaller 10″ knife. Offense takes a larger knife like the M-1009….

U.S. Marine Close Combat Fighting Handbook

Price: There are currently more than 200,000 active-duty U.S. Marines and another 40,000 in the reserves. These Marines depend on the skills and techniques taught in this concise manual—and now you can, too! This fully illustrated guide features the LINE (linear in-fighting neural-override engagement) system, which is designed to be learned and memorized through repetition. […]

CQC-8 Knife | A Closer Look

The Emerson CQC-8 Folding Knife is one of the best tactical knives you can own. Available in two sizes, this knife is designed for a comfortable forward, and reverse grip. Blades are available…