Teaching Children Martial Arts | Lunge Stance | Training and Drills

This drill is one of my favorite martial arts drills for kids to keep good posture and build leg strength with lunging stances. In the style of kung fu I teach, the stance …

THE COMBAT KNIFE! (For a U.S. Marine)

My name is Brad Richardson, I am a blacksmith and knife maker from northern Michigan. I share high quality videos showing off the work I complete in my shop.

Choisir un couteau pliant: 5 erreurs à éviter! – cosmikvratch

5 erreurs à éviter lors du choix d’un couteau de poche. Ce sont des conseils issus de mon expérience. J’aurais aimé qu’on me les donne lors du choix de mes …

Tutorial on Close Quarter Chop to the Neck

I have provided a break down of the neck so one can see how vital a target it is in serious force or lethal force.This area is not to be taken lightly.Disclaimer to …


In this video, Nick Drossos is teaching how to use a snow broom as an improvised weapon. This is a great weapon and option against a knife or larger attacker.