Fighting Staff Drill Combo – Kali Eskrima Arnis

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kksd 단검술 knife fighting—-knife vs knife doubleknifegrip더블나이프basicknifeflowdrill칼연속기본동작원위치

kksd 단검술 knife fighting—-knife vs knife doubleknifegrip더블나이프basicknifeflowdrill칼연속기본동작원위치.

TOLPAR, Yahroma 2006, knifefighting. "Feet to feet" training exercise

TOLPAR, Yahroma 2006, “feet to feet” training exercise. Knifefighting, Russia. Fragment of DVD-disc “Tolpar.Yahroma 2006”

Combat Arnis & Bolo the Abecedario : 12 angles of attack

12 angles are taught to gain an understanding of movement when using the bolo ( long knife) or the stick. This is the a,b,c ‘s of weapon fighting within the arnis …

Wing Tsun forms – long pole, double knives, wooden dummy – #DasWingTsun

Long pole, double knives, wooden dummy. Nilo from Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vancouver training different forms. Nilo is a avid target shooter, collects swords, …


BRUTAL KNIFE DISARM 2 SILAT Alvin Guinanao reveals how to DISARM a KNIFE ATTACK in Pencak Silat. SILAT is a bladed art, defense against any blade is …

NEW! Schrade, SCTK6 6-Piece, 9 inch Throw Knife Set

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Knife Trapping Lesson – Set 4 of 15 (TCS Knife Fighting Concept)

T.C.S. Knife Fighting Concept Ist ein ausgefeiltes Nahkampfsystem in der das Messer und Verteidigungsfähigkeit des Anwenders primär im Mittelpunkt steht.

A Mega Makeup Moment: The Finale – Instant Influencer

In the season finale of Instant Influencer, the remaining artists are challenged to create the next makeup trend that could take over the industry.