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CRKT Squid Compact Karambit Knife Fighting

qcreek11 Jun 14

“This small knife is a big deal. The Squid™ is known as the perfect everyday carry knife, expertly combining simplicity, usability, and performance. Neither brash nor flashy, it’s the humble light-duty truck of the knife world — dependable, rock solid, and remarkably capable. Now, renowned designer Lucas Burnley has reforged it into a smaller, more agile version in the Squid™ Compact. This affordable folding knife is an everyday carry for everybody.

Despite being the smallest knife in the family, the Squid™ Compact is packed with advanced features. Assisted Opening propels the blade open with a flick of the thumb and IKBS™ bearings ensure smooth opening and closing every time. It’s also built to last. The high-carbon steel blade is easy to sharpen and the stainless steel handle not only provides strength to endure for a lifetime, it gives the knife some reassuring heft in your hand.

As an everyday carry, the Squid™ Compact is designed to fit seamlessly into your life. The low-profile clip lets you slip it comfortably and securely into your pocket, or use the lanyard hole to attach it to a keychain or fob. From the worksite to the campsite to the home, this is the take-anywhere tool for all those times you’ve thought, “If only I had a knife on me.”

How Assisted Opening Works
It’s held securely closed in your pocket, but initiate the deployment, and part way through the rotation the blade opens at impressive speed for simple, powerful, one-handed opening.”


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Karambit Knife Fighting


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