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Maestro Wu MA-2 New Style Chef Knife – Intro and Sharpening KarambitKnives,com

qcreek11 Jun 07

The Maestro Wu MA2 Bombshell Steel New Style Chef Knife is a unique mix of a western and asian style chef knife and a carver/boning knife which is surprisingly comfortable and agile to use. The wide heel of the blade combined with the pronounced curve of the tip allows the blade to be used in a rocking motion, much like a western chef knife. The curved tip is thin enough to act as a carver or boning knife which can get between bones and still act as a slicer.

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  1. @adrianrubi5012 June 7, 2024

    Like a Deba plus something else

  2. @knifesharpeningnorway June 7, 2024

    Looks good and sharp mate.

  3. @mickkeim4142 June 7, 2024

    What is the brand of your sander? It looks very compact and Quiet?


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