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  1. @omartech110 April 30, 2024

    Love that knifeā¤

  2. @Fardawg April 30, 2024

    Just so people don't look for the wrong one, the Picoeur is a different knife, not part of the name of this one. This is just the Pika. The Picoeur is the one that looks like a scalpel or an x-acto knife.

  3. @keysersoze1537 April 30, 2024

    One of my favorite carry knives

  4. @noelaquino1410 April 30, 2024

    Where i can buy this one

  5. @bryanrigters2090 April 30, 2024

    Hey do you still have this knife?? Would like to get one of these . Had a fox 599 karambit it just exploded the other day when I was drawing it . Looking for something more reliable

  6. @jer6162 April 30, 2024

    I read your comments to other people so I'm not going to press on why you sold it. I also hold karambit same way you do. I agree with your video when you said it would be great for a woman. I would also say someone with small hands. My opion is it looked to small in your hands. It's a great knife and I hope you find one that fits real comfortable in your hands.

  7. @thebowieman621 April 30, 2024

    brother that is awsome could deff mess somone up

  8. @Headhighinc April 30, 2024

    Great video even though it's designed for self defense I can see it being a great edc utility knife

  9. @evisceratednation April 30, 2024

    I have the original pika picoeur and a clone i can tell you the clones on aliexpress for $11 dollars are pretty damned close and a good deal for the money so i bought another one for a good friend. I also sold my bastinelli pika karambit but kept the bastinelli pika picoeur the one that looks like a scalpel.

  10. @JLee-bi4es April 30, 2024

    Hey bud I just ordered the Canku version of this knife which is a clone. Got it off of Amazon it was $22 compared to the one you had I mean I like the bastinelli but I can't afford it.


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