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Man Defends Family with Knife KarambitKnives,com

qcreek11 Apr 16

A man is attacked by several masked people in South Africa. He defends himself and people inside the car with a knife.

Sponsored by Progressive Combat Systems, a Jeet Kune Do school located in Aurora / Denver, Colorado.

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  1. @RealMan96 April 16, 2024

    Lessons learned from this situation are:
    Step 1: call the police
    Step 2: make sure to lock all car doors and keep your family safe in the car. This leads to step 3
    Step 3: lean back against the car to defend against attacks within a 180 degree range and maintain your position until the police arrive instead of getting back into the car. (It is important to practice skills to stay calm, focused, balanced and swing the knife properly). And finally, I have great respect for real men who protect their families with everything they have like him.


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