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  1. @PartTimeHero77 April 3, 2024

    Just ordered mine from Cranes… I can't wait for it to get here.

  2. @wdav3498 April 3, 2024

    Endorsed by the "Orthopedic Hand Surgeons" of the world…..

  3. @daltonbrailey1192 April 3, 2024

    First and foremost the fake knife AkA the trainer will get more hand time, let that sink in. If I would have tried this knife out before buying it, I wouldn’t have bought one. Niche & innovative definitely, practical & utilitarian nope. My biggest con that no one mentioned is that, it puts a lot of uncomfortable pressure on the finger (the one put in the ring) when trying to unlock. IMHO this is not a self defense weapon, keep in mind that majority of the bad guys carry guns, also there’s too many variables to consider and adding complexity while opening it, make this a NoGo in my book. I would never hand over the real blade one to anyone to check out, it is a very dangerous knife to fidget with. I can only imagine how many people seriously injured themselves while playing with it. Keeping it = yes, pocketing it = I don’t think so, High Shelving it (on display but hard to get) = definitely.

  4. @SkunkPunch73 April 3, 2024

    Beautiful piece of work

  5. @Jonnygurudesigns April 3, 2024

    I'd rather buy a TKELL with my limited funds..


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