23 thoughts on “Zap Blast Knuckles Extreme Stun Gun Review

  1. nibus9 says:

    Assuming creatively just creatively not scientifically what if electricity piggybacked and conducted through light or sound energy ! then it would be possible to disable an attacker from a distance just by zapping an "electric light or electric sound wave" at them without actually touching the device on their body! ha ha ha just my imagination…

    is it possible to make a continuous streaming watergun that shocks an attacker ? I just got that thought now writing this comment ! water is good conductor of electricity and salt water even better ! shoot a continuous thin stream of electric water from a safe distance (like pepper spray without the spread and in a straight line) and soak n zap em with electricity…what do you say ?

  2. daz h says:

    is there a way to get this in to scotland its pritty bad here just now with police corrupstion police beating killing rapeing and just abuseing there powers been looking for places that would ship it here as i need to be able to get away quick when these thugs try to do what they want cops are even starting to carry guns and somebody has all ready been guned down by the and was proven the guy did nothing wrong its very scary times here

  3. jon Neat says:

    ……Morons. It's a felony to own, carry and USE in most ALL states within the Union! Yes, even in a case of self-defense, a prosecutor can and will cite the holder of a stun gun, even for self-defense because they are illegal to own and illegal to carry.
    Go ahead, use it on a perp and after the cops arrive, show them what you used. You'll be taking a ride in the back seat of a squad car too!

  4. Ray Martinez says:

    i own a few they are great. only thing that sucks is the nylon case isnt that great, the batter prongs for continuity arent the best and the hatch to hold the batteries suck. i use electrical tape. i might up the batteries as well hopefully it doesnt wear it out

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