Yury’s No Spin and Half Spin Knife Throwing

Yury, from Russia, demonstrates a few of his knife throwing techniques. He generates a lot of power with the use of his body. info@ralphthornschool.com Join us …

14 thoughts on “Yury’s No Spin and Half Spin Knife Throwing

  1. TheRemyD says:

    If this was in my basement my wife and family would have to visit me. I am not sure I would leave… 60"x80" target for the win! Now I need to go price out 4x4s

  2. FullTangClan says:

    Just messing with you No Spin guys. I love watching all knife throwing videos. Especially the very skilled guys.. Such as yourself (KnifeShuriken) and Ralph Thorne. 2014 is on track to to be a HUGE year for No Spin throwing and Knife Throwing in general. I'm super happy to be a part of it. I've got big plans for Full Tang this year. -danger

  3. flbk8597 says:

    So honest of you, to upload your failed throws, it looks just one of my training sessions; i can relate to it, bloody knives bouncing off another knife already in the target! 😀 But if you stick at it, you'll get better and better.

  4. Ryan says:

    Half spin isn't half cool… it's full cool! Post away mate. The group's focus is no spin and half spin (the most common instinctive techniques), but other discussions are fine as well. We just try to keep it primarily focused on instinctive throwing since there is no other group that does.

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