You Are NOT a Knife Fighter! [No Offence Episode 2]

Ryan Hoover not pulling any punches. Here he tells you exactly why you’re not a knife fighter. If you watch until the end…you’ll understand where is coming from.

20 thoughts on “You Are NOT a Knife Fighter! [No Offence Episode 2]

  1. Justin Cacace says:

    so if I train with a knife and I get in to a fight with a knife than can I be a knife fighter? what has to be done to earn the title here? in my bias opinion everyone who trains to fight is a fighter. In what ever aspect or style they chose I grant it, after that it's how well they understand it followed, by experience with it. Good training has real world application. It isolates common happenings and applies a solution. No matter how hard you train, there is no counter to the sucker punch. Knife fighting is high stakes, just like gun fighting. Knife fighter = one who claims skill in handling a blade. you cant argue that. You can only give your speculation and it is just speculation ( unless you had a knife fight with them) . I am let down Funker Tactical. I hope your not turning in to a bunch of hacks.

  2. Terry Wilkinson says:

    I was ready to laugh at this vid because I call myself a knife fighter, but you quickly earned my respect. I learned in those "schools" you mentioned — only State educated (couldn't ever quite get the Federal lvl – lol). Anyway, I just watched one of yer other vids which I found informative, so thanks for this one being what it was.

  3. William MacLaren says:

    No offense . . . but just because you are sounding like an arrogant, ignorant 'tubetroll doesn't make you an arrogant, ignorant 'tubetroll. You can call yourself "honest" and "truthful" but that doesn't make you either one. Your point in this video is to just try to debate a moot and inane point to show case how little you actually know and argue with your own ego. Why worry or even concern yourself with what others think or call themselves. This just proves you did this video for you. Funker Tactical is turning into Funky Tactifool at an alarming rate. If you haven't "run into anyone who is a real knife fighter" then you haven't really tried hard enough but if you keep using your soap box channel here to poke things you are unprepared to encounter, then you will get your wish, and no, they won't introduce themselves with the appropriate title to fulfil your expectations first. Consider those who you referred to in prisons that would seek to see the light go out of you and consider there are those who have never gotten caught, are not in any prison and whose scars are covered with clothes, have a nice disarming smile and seem totally invisible as they pass you by, and you'd be smart to hope they do just pass you by. Better for you to consider closing your mouth and stick to the showing off the limited knowledge and awareness you seem to possess to help you service your own needs for attention.

  4. MrKahunadog says:

    haha this guy again… Buddy I wasted my money on your anti knife video. It was a waste of my time. I can't believe the techniques you espoused. I had to see if there was more than some flashy technique in the preview. That material made me disgusted. I don't say this without some competency. 20yrs jits 4stripe brown, 12yrs weapons grappling, 12yrs dog bros, 5yrs judo. Many rounds on the ground, many of those with weapons. Your complexity at techniques is the same as the bs you're calling on knife fighters. My issue with your techniques is your choice to forcefully solve problems with jits. vs Occams razor. A to B. Not A, to ,D, to B

  5. Streetzisdeathrow says:

    this is stupid hes just talkin semantics, by Ryan Hoover's definitions someone like Bruce Lee was never a fighter or Martial artist, because he never actually used it in a real situation… LMAO what a joke, well at least i know a name to avoid any videos to do with "Ryan Hoover" cause apparently all his training dont mean shit either n hes just talkin out his ass

    Ryan seems to sure act like he knows about disarming Criminals, but i fail to see him post any videos of him actually disarming a real criminal in the act..

  6. FrLouis says:

    Another argument about semantics. Call yourself a "flower child" if you want, what matters is that you train something that you are able to use in real life. Are you going to tell me that this is not possible to achieve? What do the guys in prison have that we don't have that makes them able to effectively use a knife against another human being? Another pointless BS video.
    You don't want to sound like an arrogant prick but this is exactly how you come across.

  7. Kevin McCarthy says:

    I didn't buy all those guns to get in a knife fight. Point taken, I'm not a knife fighter or gun fighter for that matter,. I hope it would give me a better than average chance to come out of a bad situation, alive.

  8. Learnzz says:

    Sounds jealous? So if you train to fight but never got into a fight does that mean you are not a trained fighter? Many boxers never become professional boxers , or some train and become boxers and stop for what ever reasons, does that mean they are not boxers because they only trained and spared at the gym.

  9. caracal82 says:

    As a FMA and JKD practitioner I have to agree with what's in this video. A lot of people think that when it will come to the fight with knives they will have time to take knife out the opponent will throw them a challenge or something like back in 17th century where they were picking the weapon to duel. The truth is that knife is a CONCEAL WEAPON for SURPRISE ATTACK. If a guy wants to use knife on you he won't be waving it right in front of your nose. He is going to grab you and pull it so you don't even see it coming. Or will come close to you pretending he wants to talk and then will attack by surprise. Knife attackers don't wanna DUEL with you. They want to deal as much damage with knife as possible and fast. Don't kid yourself you are not a knife fighter. You are practicing how to INCREASE THE ODDS OF SURVIVING KNIFE ATTACK and that's that. I think everybody who trains with weapons should sit down and watch some videos of knife attacks on the street. I hardly doubt they will find many duel videos rather than surprise attacks.

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