Xing Yi Quan Short Film (Chinese Kung Fu vs. 5 Attackers)

A short film by Martial Arts Instructor Sifu Keith Min showcasing the Chinese Internal Kung Fu style, “Xing Yi Quan”. ABOUT XING YI: Xing Yi Quan is an …

31 thoughts on “Xing Yi Quan Short Film (Chinese Kung Fu vs. 5 Attackers)

  1. The Contractor says:

    What a bunch of fantasy filled bullshit. One or two dive in at fat boys legs and the others just pound the shit out of him. A lot of guys fired up on adrenaline would walk right through his Th3 Too Deadly one shot takes you out punches. Total shit.

  2. alekx58 says:

    ih nan te tai qwuan she xin ah ren te zhai qwuan tai dji han te tai ta zuo ta chin you hai she hsin seu hsing ih lun kuang nian si nian jian wan tong ren ya hsien zai he de hai she te si nan qin hai she wang zai yu wang yüe dien mo bin dien zhi yu zhai ta tai dji te he yu ta you he je hai she wang zai

  3. Or Tilian says:

    ohhhh shittttt:) bringing back sour memories – i wasted years on this crap… i was too young… one day our "master" organised a tournament with kick.boxing team….. on that day I stopped practising and paying for this hoax

  4. Rolanda Pruitt says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this film. it was just on my mind to return to training, and this is helping me with the theory of visualizing an actual fight that you're having using the moves of the form you're practicing. Good work!

  5. divinepunishment says:

    To the retard arm chair warriors who think all Chinese martial arts are shit: Xing Yi was used by the Chinese military, actually tried and tested in battle. Why would they train in something that doesn't work?

  6. Karatekasgr says:

    Practicing the form and do the techniques in actual combat are 2 very different things. In forms you can be more wide open and do bigger and more elegant moves, to practice body mechanics. In real fight you need to be adjustable and have good timing so your techniques are different, more practical and short.

    Internal martial arts begin with internal training first and then goes to external, while external martial arts the opposite. You need both, you cant be totally internal or totally external as a martial artist. I like this video because its shows good skills at form AND shows you some practical adjustable henkas ( variations ) Battle is not a nice view and most of martial artists forget how the techniques they practice really looks in combat scenarios.

    Very good job.

  7. Chunda8 says:

    Aside from good body mechanics, the external visible part is probably about 5% of the art. The forms are meditative (but not 'pretty') and at first, the practice makes a person very healthy and very strong. I have seen advanced practitioners throw thousands of punches in a single workout. The idea is that you build up a lot of chi and learn how to use that energy, those that have mastered this art are deeply respected by other martial artists. If you don't know, and you run into one of them on the street or in a tournament, you very soon will. It's always a good idea to be polite and courteous regardless…

  8. Caine Heffner says:

    point being splendid bit of melodrama definitely gets you interested and so what if a few armchair which think technical could be gooder? and who doesn't have a wicked fight scenario looping between their ears w/training kata?love this!

  9. Charlie O'Charlie says:

    the form practice on the roof seems fine, the choreographed fight is malarky..The jump cuts between moves, the closeness of the camera, the overacted teeth gritting, …the system shown could be anything, (any of several Okinawan Karate Styles, various versions of WingChun, etc, etc) and doesn't really demonstrate Hsing Yi at all. Clearly the crew, fighters and all worked hard to make this little film quality, too bad the results, primarily in the editing I think, don't reflect their efforts. I don't mean this as a comparison, but just a cinematic example of Hsing Yi, BaGua as 'drama',…take a look at Wong Kar Wai's film "Grandmaster"…

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