this example contract made by William Rodgers, Sheffield…this particular example with bronze plate alloy grip handleis known as the third pattern and is the …


  1. Weird Science says:

    Enjoying your militaria reviews. I have never really been interested in these until now. They looked a little ugly and fragile to me and I wasn't sure they were actually REAL, given all the so called claimed army knives that are out there today. They look like a very formidable knife indeed. Definitely not your average fishing knife! Great collector piece.

  2. Liam Sellick says:

    This isn't a FS knife the first pattern that I have is a FS knife it was two men called fairbairn and Sykes the original was made by wilkinson sword these later models made in Sheffield are commando daggers not FS fighting knives the first pattern was made in a very limited number as they were the first commandos the also known as the SS special service my grandad was in the unit I have his knife cap badge medals photos

  3. laura norton says:

    Hello I have this knife and scabert, but mine has a number 4 on the top of the stock near the ball. Mine also has had the tip blunted, if there is anything you could tell me i would apprecate it. Also I've had this knife for 34 years and my father had it for 20 years before it was given to me. Thank you

  4. The Tested X711 says:

    Is it worth me buying a Fairbairn Sykes from the Sheffield website?

    I was going to get the bright blade with the leg sheath people say a lot of bad things about the knife but what's your view on the 3rd pattern?

    Good vid by the way.

  5. C B says:

    I have always thought that the knife I was left from my father was damaged until I saw this video. It's uncanny. The top of the blade where the tip should be is flattened off like a screwdriver. The knife is so old I just assumed it had a tough life. But now I think it's an actual WW2 era knife. It certainly looks old enough. It has no bronze on it however it's all grey in colour. The end of the handle is open and you can see the centre of the knifes rod. But I can't seem to remove the handle. It also doesn't appear to have any stamps on it. However they may have worn away.

  6. C J Campbell says:

    hi, thanks for your comment and interest, Rodgers merged with the Egginton branch of companies some time ago, but if you do an internet search for "William Rodgers company" you will find the web site, they are offering FS daggers.

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