WTF Is a Tactical Knife?



What is tactical anyways? What exactly does it mean when something is tactical? Is this term overused in the knife world? In this video I ask the question and …

47 thoughts on “WTF Is a Tactical Knife?

  1. Steve says:

    "Tactical" is stupid beyond words. I envision some decked out SOG wanna be thinking they're going to whip out a scary sharp object of implementation to fight off the hoards of aggressors in a microsecond with a flick of the wrist. Absolute stupidity at the highest level. I was in a combat unit and carried an M9 bayonet in conjuction with my M4. Know how many times I employed this massive gut cutting blade in a fight? Zero…0. Bring a knife to a fight and a bullet always wins. Knives are made for cutting everyday objects like, rope, plastic, tape, cardboard etc…

  2. BackYard Cheapskate says:

    This is my personal opinion so please take it on a grain of salt. I find any outdoor knife whether for camping, bush craft, survival or in this case tactical (which people often affiliate with combat) is rather broad in definition. The reason is any knife you are most likely to use outdoors is like a jack of all trades master of none. I find knives that you are more likely to use in the kitchen at least in my opinion seem to be more specific in their function. If we are talking tactical knives as in the sense of combat, obvious knives would be daggers, butterfly knives, switch blades etc. which you are more suited for that task. However, as for knives that could be used for a weapon frankly even a chef knife can and has been used as a weapon and as self defense. Now obviously it would not be something you would be carrying on the street. As far as the definition of tactical frankly it is so broad and it is mostly personal preference what one may call a combat knife, I may see it as a knife for camping. If you were to ask me though what knife I would use for camping, roughing it in the woods, go bag, self defense I would then be more specific as in design, blade length, steel, grind, etc. The term tactical is often affiliated with the military and has made huge sales gimmick and sadly novices that do not know what they are buying cash in on these. The thing is what the military may use doesn't make it a good knife for you. So that is my two cents.

  3. tsunami105 says:

    the term "tactical" got annoying and seemed like a sales gimmick to throw on to increase value of a specified item (IMO). Every time we see "tactical" we just supplement it with the word "Cool" ie tactical knife ("cool" knife) lol. It'd be best to classify them as "utility" or " special purpose " instead of using the word " tactical", then again it doesn't sound as cool as tactical …blank…

  4. Primal Punch says:

    "Tactical," of or relating to tactics, or constituting tactics. Done or for use in immediate support of military operations. Adroitly planning or planned. Tactics=Disposing armed forces in order of battle. Plans and means adopted in carrying out a scheme or achieving some end. A skilful device or devices. My commode is tactical, it is adroitly and well planned, and it helps me to achieve an end.

  5. JSMcustoms says:

    Instead of 'tactical', I think a better description of those particular types of knives would be 'suitable for law enforcement or military use' or perhaps 'suitable for self defense'. A good bit longer than simply saying 'tactical', but more accurate to me.

  6. nihontoman says:

    I think that the term "tactical" is at best very vague, especially when applied to knives.One could brand anything tactical and it would "make sense" in some way or another, but come on – tactical knife? why? because its 3.5 inch blade is painted black and opening mechanism is something "cool" like auto or wave? If that's the case, I could call my penis tactical, cause it's easily accessible and ready for action 🙂
    I'm typing this on my tactical keyboard looking at my tactical LCD display BTW.

  7. bladeramble says:

    i feel that it is a knife that can be implied in a grip of self defence, however i also think it is a knife that can be hard used in a senario that useing a biger knife in a emergency

  8. The lost coyote says:

    the root word for tactical being tact, meaning skill and grace in dealing with others. tact implies delicate and considerate perception of what is appropriate, stresses dexterity and grace in dealing with new and trying situations and may imply success in attaining one's ends When I look at it this way it seems the word Tactical is horribly misused. We see everything that is painted black and has an aggressive look is now “tactical“, for me this couldn’t be further from the truth. Awesome video.

  9. Carter Thomas says:

    LOL Very good points! Mikkel Willumsen (a higher end custom maker) does call his like "Urban Tactical" but other than that, yeah, I think it's pretty much limited to the mall ninja mentality. Thanks for checking out my Channel!

  10. vikingssoul says:

    Demographics. Same reasons beer commercials use bouncing girls in bikinis. Specialty brew drinkers like them too, but aren't influenced in purchases by them. But the revenue generators are sold to the masses. The 80's term was "combat" and "ninja". We all had one of those cheap Chinese Rambo knock offs back then. To each his own. I keep mine sharp oiled and tight. Always ready. That's just my humble opinion.

  11. vikingssoul says:

    Awesome video, I'm glad I found your channel thanks to apophysis7. Tactical is a term brought to bear by the salesmen. They are shooting for the mass production knife buying demographic which happens to be the young mall ninjas well versed in war tactics by C.O.D. and Battlefield. You won't see the tactical tag on high priced customs, but that isn't where most companies make most money. No bling and LED accent lights available as manufacturing options on Cadillacs for same reason, demograp

  12. ManCove says:

    Now lets see how many dumb people watch your channel and take my previous comment seriously. I'm just trying to look out for you bro haha. BTW the rule books is called "Tact Tech 101 0600"

  13. ManCove says:

    In response to 3:26-3:31; Yes, my shoelaces are paracord therefore they are tactical. But only when I am in a tactical mood and or setting including concerning a situation. However when I cease to be in that situation and or mood including concerning a setting my shoelaces no longer remain tactical. They remain to have the ability to be tactical except for when they are not. If you dont know this simple stuff clearly highlighted in the tactical rulebook then maybe you shouldnt make videos…

  14. X4CTO says:

    Just to expound upon my earlier comment and clarify a bit…
    I can use a can of beans to do more damage than many others can do with a knife, due to my training… now does that mean the can of beans is now tactical? No… it means it's a can of damn beans… and a knife is a knife. I don't like labels to be honest, anything can be anything if you know how to make it so.

    And… my testicles aren't really that tactical either… they're pretty damn cool though.

    Good video, I like discussion.

  15. X4CTO says:

    I don't know about y'all… but my testicles are tactical… Mrs. X and I have developed many tactics around said spherical ovoid structures.

    Now me personally, I feel ANY thing can be tactical if you use it to employ a tactic.
    Regarding knives, I don't really care for the term myself (as seen in several of my videos when I do the air quotes around the moniker, lol). I can make a 1" pocket knife tactical or a 4" blade, it's training, not the tool. My hands are tactical from 12 years in Aikido.

  16. jake dill says:

    and also what i would consider tactical would be any type of gear or weapon that would assist you in any type of military/police/defense situations. if you have a certain type of lightweight pants with compartments and stuff that would better you in a defense situation, those would be tactical pants. not all knives are "tactical". but a tactical knife for me would be a very strong, fast deploying knife with the capabilities of disarming/wounding/killing a threat or attacker

  17. jake dill says:

    love the vids bro keep em up, i watch every one. if u want check out my channel ive got a couple of reviews but since moneys tight i dont really have alot of knives=/

  18. gianthomunculus says:

    i think that "tactical" anything is a term that originates in a military context and so it should stay there. unless you consider opening a box (unless it´s a blister-pack) or peeling an apple warfare. i think for most of these knives, practical would be much more fitting, but that takes away the tacticool element some people might find desirable. i have no problem with the term or tactical knives, i don´t care if people call their nailclipper, spoon, folding knife or pillow tactical.

  19. Grant Loan says:

    I don't understand why so many people on YouTube have a fear and / or hatred for the word "tactical". I'm not trying to troll or anything, but I have no problem calling anything tactical, if the name fits. Example, my Cold Steel Recon-1 is a tactical folding knife, with it's primary use is self-defense (for me). I consider EDC knives tools, and tactical knives tools, but they where designed with self-defense in mind, like a back up piece to a hand gun for a police officer.

  20. Chinook Outdoors says:

    i definitely have to agree with you on the over use of the word. You walk in any gun store or knife shop and you're instantly bombarded with tactical this and tactical that. It's really become a big marketing ploy to sell things to people that can "relate" to it because they used it in a video game once. Definitely not all things tactical are used by military, police, etc.

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