42 thoughts on “Worst-Case Scenario – Being Chased

  1. Tammy Johnson says:

    I was chased by two guys on my way to school early in the morning. I don't have all that stuff. It's a grass area with a busy road in between without any sidewalks, the only available object for me are some big rocks. I am not a runner and they almost caught me. I had a heavy book bag and I was wearing flats for my uniform school. I don't owned any weapons, I'm only eighteen. What should I do if it happens again? I mean I did scream but with all the cars no one could heard me. I will have to watch self defense videos on here again.

  2. jørgen kvamme says:

    Yeasterday a man chased me and my frien, so I bagan to scream «HELP!!». I think that was smart becouse then he was afraid of someone seeing him, and stoped running, and only jogging and walking

  3. Whasup13 says:

    I personally like bear, but the majority of his work is fake. He knows what to do and is correct but the actual stunts are fake. He probably couldn’t outrun the BEST parkour it’s in the world and he can be pulled out of any of his survival trips. I respect him but the chase isn’t real it’s all stunted….

  4. Christian Edwards says:

    Sad thing is, being chased by a Traceur/Freerunner when you don't actually know Parkour yourself is the worst case scenario. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are, Traceurs perceive their environment completely differently to your average person; comparative to a 6th sense almost. When you're in that scenario, unless you're armed or know self defence, you aren't going anywhere they can't reach.

  5. Amine says:

    I'm a freerunner and I've never seen or heard of those 2 ''Top-freerunners''.
    Neither did I ever see a freerunner do his thing in jeans lol. Last thing… Why the fuck does she jump straight on the bin that was completely static?????

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