World of Warships – Knife Fighting a Yamato – Conqueror

Uploaded to by Punisher1990_Naval featuring the Tier X Conqueror having a really solid battle full of knife fights and giant citadels. Source: …

14 thoughts on “World of Warships – Knife Fighting a Yamato – Conqueror

  1. Neil Bhalodi says:

    Ouch almost forgot, the Yamato was using Yamamoto, and he got kraken which meant that he was probably running a near 15 second reload on his 9 460s, our cons here got pretty lucky that he gave a straight up broadside

  2. themousemaster says:

    T-X game. T-8 carriers. poor guys 🙁

    12:30 I call hacx. that Yammy took multiple cits right under his forward turret, and he only lost it 1 time, temporarily. that thing should have been blown to pieces ;p

    19:30 you kidding? I cap with my CV all the time ;p. And yes, the Zao is trying to farm CV damage. Something else I use to my advantage all the time, enemy CV tunnelvision. You've done videos on it ;p

  3. maximillicon 1 says:

    I have played the Conqueror a lot . You should not be giving false data about the fire chance that's on paper stats..RNG still has the final say..many times I have had a game begin with 30 to 40 hits with HE and only get 2 or 3 fires..that is common.. later it will increase if you stay alive long enough..but players love to focus the Conqueror..i have never had any thing close to 6 out of 10 shells causing fires

  4. Mammoth Mk3 says:

    Erm. Mr. Jam, 457<460, so no, Hotel-chan's gun is still bigger than Conqueror. XD
    And you don't need to encourage Conqueror player to use HE more. Most player will use HE as default ammunition in Conqueror. 😀
    And no, the real reason there's so many radar at high tier right now is because of the release of the US rework Cruiser line, and you know what happen whenever a new line coming out ( Just like when the French BB line coming out). So don't just jump into a conclusion yet my friend. ( Just so you know, there're currently 4 main line that have radar: US Cruiser, Sovier Cruiser, British Cruiser and Pan Asian DD, 2 of which have to trade for useful ability most player usually doesn't use it);)

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