Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener – Advanced Tips & Techniques

32 thoughts on “Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener – Advanced Tips & Techniques

  1. N English says:

    I thought this thing was a gimmick till I bought it. Now I love it. I still prefer stones, but using this is quick, it works, and it's fun to use. Guess I'll be getting the KO version too. Good stuff.

  2. Michaelo Rocha says:

    I got one for my birthday late last month in April 2017. I watched all the videos and read all the reviews. Like others have posted, I have tried most all the alternative methods of sharpening knives; Spyderco Sharp Maker is in that bunch. For me, the Work Sharp blows them all away. I have sharpened kitchen knives and outdoor knives with ease so far. I'm moving on to garden tools/shears and machetes next! A friend has an axe that needs an edge. I have a second set of belts coming via Amy. Read the manual and sharpen stuff! It's woik.

  3. Adam Laub says:

    220 grit to 6000.. and that 6000 grit belt is going to last 50 knives? I don't think so.. not even if were talking about small blades.. just my opinion but I've never tried this sharpener and dont think I would buy it when I could save up a little more and get a base model wicked edge.. I would love to try this thing honestly and do a review video because it seems like the market is pretty well cornered when it comes to options for sharpening systems.. For knife makers that is. systems that produce razor sharp cutting edges with little effort.

  4. Jack Woods says:

    Convex grinds just aren't as sharp, are they? Understand paper cutting is not that sharp: hair popping is sharp. I bought one anyway so I can deal with these super steels. Thanks: good video.

  5. Eurotrash4367 says:

    Hi Doug, I have a KO Work Sharp and I really like it but I have a problem when I try to sharpen my Ontario USAF Pilot Survival Knife. I can't seem to get this blade to take a good edge and I think it may be because the knife has a very thick fuller that actually touches the angle guards and throws the angle measurement off. Any suggestions on how I can correct this problem? Thanks!

  6. fsdarrell says:

    I would love to see the guide redesigned to provide support on both sides of the belt. I find that the angle gets less accurate when the tip of the blade clears the guide and you have to freehand it across the belt. Other than that suggestion, this is a great sharpening tool.

  7. jim yocum says:

    thanks Doug just picked up my first worksharp..I'll admit I didn't read the manual yet but I have some knowledge of knife sharpening and first knife was a great success.. thanks for the video for the stubborn guys who skip the manual like me.

  8. Tim Gospodinov says:

    even more bs watching it… I appreciate the effort, but meh… Concave / hollow has it's advantages, as does compound, convex,etc… They all have advantages and disadvantages and saying one is superior is BS — depends on the steel, depends on the task.. And no, you are not going to get it as sharp as hollow, but it will hold longer… depends on the tasks and steel…

  9. P. OTTA says:

    i've a Chris Reeve Sebenza25 But reelly is Not sharpened! i've The worksharp But may you help me The Way for do a god work?

  10. steve jette says:

    I love this system.   Anybody ever do the geometry on this ? Book says angles are 17, 20, 25 and 30. The angle being measured from the sharpening surface (like a stone) and the surface of the metal being sharpened.   Simple enough.   But I laid the holder on its side on the copier glass, inserted two guide rods into the "30" holes, made a copy and measured the angle between the two rods.  I expected ^60 degees  (2 x 30) of metal face to metal face..  But it was  …   45 degrees.  Not close to 30 or 60.   ???BUT    Shaving sharp knives when I want them that sharp ….  I am going back to buy the complete set.

  11. Camryn Marshall says:

    I still can't get my tip to a nice convex edge I pull straight through and my Ontario rat 1 will still not sharpen its like if you pull straight through the tip does not touch the belt can someone help ?

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