Women’s Self Defense: Soft Targets

Brutal street techniques that could save your life, These techniques are for self defense purposes only!

21 thoughts on “Women’s Self Defense: Soft Targets

  1. KPikklefield says:

    Hey Dumbass, stop teahing women to grab ears in a fight. It can be hard enough to grab arms or long hair in the heat of a fight. No way an untrained woman, or little chance a trained one, can grab a person's ears, get enough of a solid girp, to actually move their head around and control them. Won't work. Ladies this is not sound advice. DO NOT TRY THIS! Unless of course you're fighting Dumbo. His ears are big enough to get a real good grip on.

  2. TURBO CHARGER says:

    This is all bullshit- the attack happens in a very few seconds and the victim has no time to react after she suffered the shock. In real life situation the attacker is not going to grab a woman and wait for her to react or show him what she had taught

  3. rolandgarroz says:

    the headbutt and the earpulling are just suicidal but even if a women release herself using the other stuff she will be in the same previous situation but this time the attacker will be aware so my advise is run faster than the wind!

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