Women’s self defense knife part one: Awareness.

How to stop a knife attack before it even begins.

7 thoughts on “Women’s self defense knife part one: Awareness.

  1. Leah Anne says:

    Do you look away to not show aggression??? Yesterday this man was tailgating my truck and this started less then a mile from my home.I turned into go into the store sat in my truck for a good 5to10 min. I get out o the truck and he is coming out o the store! Staring me down,doesn't brake stare, I continue to NOT look away. I go back to my truck with my son and he gets in his truck continues to drive by and out of the parking lot not braking that nasty stare. Took place close to home, worries me.

  2. AngelBug109 says:

    Thank you for your videos because of them I feel a bit safer, wish I had this knowlege (specifically from your choking videos) with my ex husband but better now then never am I right, btw I subbed 🙂 Godbless have a great day!

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