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  1. jan gunnarsson says:

    for all of you who seem to love this video, this wont work if the person who is strangels you is much stronger than you, if you point their eye out will only piss them of and keep strangel you to death.

    Please do not think this will work with conviction doing this in the streets as a female… It has been proven be self defens specialist who trains special forces, police officers and military personal

  2. Wong Hohn Khew says:

    It is not advisible to poke his eyes directly because eyes are small targets, if you poke into his mouth instead in a rush/hurry. He would bite your finger. Use finger-nails to scratch his face is much better because face is a larger target. The successful rate/probability is much higher, even a slight sweep on the eyes could blindfold him a few min. Note : if you miss the first attack, you might be highly in danger ! because for a sex hunger-er,even you take out his eye-ball (one only), he would not give you up ! Likewise, the male-spider gives up its life for the sex (i.e. after the sex, it would be eaten by the female-spider.)

  3. Dun Hilda says:

    I do not chock women, nor plan to do so, I'm stating this my not work and you would be better off with a nut shot.

    Sorry to say, this is rubbish, tell me how to defend yourself when he release one hand from your throat to punch? " Oh no my eyes" Punch in face ha now I can get back to chocking a bitch.

    Nut shots are harder to see, sticking your two hands tells them " I'm getting ready to fuck your eyes, please be stupid" Then again if I was to chock someone, my nuts wouldn't be easily attacked either.

    So let me know your great defence vs someone that functions with a brain, I have big hands so I can easily get a whole hand around someone throat and hold them to the wall while I punch, or I could easily give them a good hard kick to the shin to make it harder to run away for a couple of minutes.

    I do not chock women, nor plan to do so, I'm stating this my not work and you would be better off with a nut shot.

    It might work on someone that is confused and unsure as to what they are doing or why, but if someone wanted you dead, well good night.

    I haven't even faction in that the woman would be in total shock and confused and unsure what to do.

    I do not chock women, nor plan to do so, I'm stating this my not work and you would be better off with a nut shot.

    Why did I have three notices? Because I know that people are stupid.

  4. Primal Punch says:

    This is bad advice. I normally do not comment if I do not have something nice to say, but this is the worst kind of bad advice, delivered with such conviction as to make people believe it. This advice will only get a person hurt or killed in the real world. I would encourage anyone who wants to add this to their personal arsenal of offense and defense to first attempt it with someone you know, who is not willingly allowing you to plod through the moves, but is actually offering resistance to your efforts. Be safe.

  5. Fitness X Pro says:

    Nice and simple move keep up the good work bro!  If you're enjoy this video and want to see more please out my you channel as well for FREE Women Self defense videos like how to defend against Strangulation and multiple attackers at the same time.  Thanks

  6. Khyzer says:

    Women, you need to remember that all men basically have a self destruct button…….its a sack that holds balls between there legs…..you kick that real good once and they are down for the count long enough for you to run a mile before they get up…….

  7. B Tuc says:

    First and foremost is to scream ! This happened to a young girl in an alley, against a wall, one night. He was choking her and completely over powered her, being on Meth. She woke me out of bed with her screams, and I went out and brought an asswhippin along with me … I confronted him and kicked his ass, while he still had his hands on here throat, and she could barely call out to me, "help me"….. I can still hear her….I can still hear my fists slamming into the sumbitches head, and hear his ribs crack too. He got back up and came after us; as I ran to the street with her, and I had gave to give it to him again, but twice as hard. He layed still when the cops came. Remember to SCREAM, as you fight. Practice in the dojo and real-time on the street are different. On the street there's no 2nd place winners. Furthermore Self defense, cannot be learned in one or two lessons, and be affective when needed.

  8. nosmoya says:

    so im sure everyone agrees that the video is bullshit…

    if were talking about two normal people without any proper training, then the guy is gonna win 100% of the time unless the woman has a weapon

    physical differences are too great, women would need extensive training to overcome that gap. you give the guy the same training and a woman would never stand a chance

  9. Mernaya says:

    some fcking guy choked me like that and i lost a lot of power bc i didnt get breath. idk if theres any possible way to get advantage over a guy who is already choking you

  10. Nick says:

    I always get a good laugh out of these self defence demonstrations, because they involve docile, uncreative assailants, as if he got brain damage the moment he got the choke into position. Yeah, sorry ladies, try this in real life, unless he's just beign a aggressive dick and isn't trying to hurt you, he will change his attack pattern before you even have a chance to finish your little eye gouge manoeuvre. Her head would be minced against that wall for example, or he'd simply swing around with his body weight (hey weighs almost double by the looks of it, shed be rag-doled. Things don't work like hey do in the fast and furious movies. Have you ever actually had your neck squeezed at full tension by someone with a forearm like that? Without real training you will be incapacitated very quickly. Invest in a knife or simply wait for the right opportunity to attack and run. The last thing you want to do is piss him off or injure him when he's in a position to throw you by your face into a brick wall. Again, not like fast and furious, you go face first into a wall like that, with that kind of weight behind the toss, you'l have broken teeth, broken jaw, fractured skull, neck trauma and very likely chance of brain damage and even death. Don't believe me, go outside and sprint at a wall face first, tell me how it goes.

  11. Joe Smith says:

    In Jr High an older kid did this to me and I couldn't reach his eyes. He held my body against the locker with one knee.. I was helpless it seemed. It scared the shit out of me, I was close to passing out.  If I had a knife or something in my pocket, I could have stabbed the mother fucker. in the arms etc.  I wish I had one at that time or I would have. Makes me want to hire a  big mother fucker to do that to him; I'm getting pissed off as fuck just thinking about it.  This move would work if the  person can reach the eyes, but if not, carry a fucking knife of sorts, like a switch blade, then give them what they deserve; bloody hell.

  12. Sean Mac says:

    Shes using her hand and tricep strength to try to pry your hands free the first example. If she places her forarms on top of yours she could use her chest muscles which gives greater force and leverage than the first example. Another suggestion. Also you learn fatal attack points in martial arts. The groin is one of them. Anyone who says an attack wont stop after attacking the groin clearly hasn't had a good enough demonstration. Several attacks to the groin amps the dol pain units exponentially

  13. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Simular to the method I learned several years ago. I won't tell the exact moves, but it will cause pain for the perp stupid enough to try! Don't ever challenge a person who knows some martial arts.

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