Women’s Self Defense – Attack The Eye Sockets – Attacking Soft Targets | self-defense

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6 thoughts on “Women’s Self Defense – Attack The Eye Sockets – Attacking Soft Targets | self-defense

  1. Garantia COBIA says:

    I was expecting the woman to know how to do this but it seems women's self defense techniques are only mastered by men, I find it kind of strange LOL. The reality is that women don't care about being able to defend themselves, there is always a man explaining this stuff, makes one wonder…

  2. Dan0101010101010 says:

    What if you do this and it fails and now you have given them an idea and a desire to get revenge in the exact same way? 

    Lets say a woman gouges a mans eyes, and he quickly bats her arms away and gets his head back, as is a natural reflex. 

    Nows shes fucked. 

    What advice would you give regarding hen to use this technique and when not to? 

    Im always warry about using an eye jab for self defense, id rather use my fists because if I fail to knock them out they are probably just gonna kick my unconscious body a few times but if I poked them in the eyes who knows they might make me blind forever when im unconscious on the floor. 

  3. corvo304 says:

    Great video sifu!  Your understanding and explanation of how to deal with/apply pressure is phenomenal.  Watching your videos has really furthered my knowledge.  Keep up the good work!

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