Women Self Defense: Survival Mindset [Live Example]

This video is part of a social experiment we are doing with various women. Subscribe to my channel …

37 thoughts on “Women Self Defense: Survival Mindset [Live Example]

  1. Ika N says:

    i once almost being raped by this guy. it happens in January 2015. long story short, i was heading to a nearest public toilet( located at the building near the new building) and tf i didn't realise he was waiting for me there. he's a few inches taller than me. he dragged me towards a new building(where no one was there) by my face and covered my mouth with he's onion smelling hand. i couldn't scream. i mean, i have no chance to scream out loud and its hard to breath. he grab my face(head) so fukin hard like i could feel his hand wanted to crush my entire skull. i struggled alot but nothing work. my phone, purse fell out from my pocket(i dont use any handback). he layed me down on the floor by kicking behing my right knee. i was shocked and my heart ran so fukin fast. he sat on me. his hand held my hand and the other hand tried to open my pants but i prayed to God that i dont wanna die this way. at the same time, i thought of my father, how will he ever want to accept the faith of his daughter died being rapped. he struggled hard to open my super tight jeans. at the same time, he tries to open his pants and guess what, he took out his thing. yeah its freakin huge tf. i was fukin scared thought that this was then end of my life. but yeah again i faught him buy grabbing his thing with his balls and crushed hard with my small hand until he cant move his hip. so than i decided to lift him with my hip and punched him on the nose as soon as he rolled aside. yes he screamed in pain for his bleeding nose. i could see he kindda wiped his blood and put it on the wall infornt of him. u know whats funny? i ran away with my pants half open after i took all my things. luckily theres no one there so no one sees my butt. so yeah. i know u guys thinks its funny. but until now, i always think of it. like i cant get rid of it from my mind. sometimes i got traumatized if a stranger get close to me. #truestory

    sorry for my bad english. i'm not an english man

  2. stormy says:

    Nick, this is super stuff! I am learning so very much more from watching these one sided staged fights…and then with coaching( a little bit of coaching) and wow. What a difference!! More of this!!! Each person you do this with will get others to start thinking, possibly find your classes. They will obviously be talking about it with all their friends and those friends will talk to others….just to begin to imagine being attacked. Damn, this is good stuff! I wish I could be one of those 'strangers'…do you do this in your classes, at the beginning with beginning students? You should! If you ever do a seminar in Oregon let me know!! It'll be called, 'careful, idiot attackers of little old ladies'! Make Mr. Hunk (hulk) wear rib protection, nard guards, and fully padded…cause I am a biter, too. Sort of the same gear for attack dog demonstrations… Major Grins…!!!

  3. British&Proud says:

    How can you claw at his face with no nails? because some of us bite our nails. (I'm growing mine, but I still have this habit. Now I've seen this, though, I want to keep mine grown so I can scratch their eyes out >_> )

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