Wmpyr and Capoeira



Capoeira was integral to Wmpyr’s Escrima method.

2 thoughts on “Wmpyr and Capoeira

  1. Mi Horrorshow says:

    I use to have mentally like your in my 20s. Back when I had only combat judo/Hs wrestling tkd, Muay Thai/Western kickboxing experience. But I learned capoeira Angola not because of the fighting aspect of it. Because I just was into the game but later on I found some serious applications, later on the years I found out that silat has ground kick from capoeira Angola..plus some of the traditional arts, I just found out there just old , but still has some use to it..You just have to upgrade it.

    I did some dojo storming in my 30s when I learned kyokushin/Mantis kungfu to some fruad school in Vietnam. But the rest of the time. I thought to myself why not just learn wing Chun and other Vietnamese art. Instead of being just that asshole mentally. To finally beat the guy up and ruined the opportunity to learn more about his culture and so on..

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