Wing Chun vs HEMA – Baat Jaam Do vs Longsword – Technique and Sparring

Wing Chun vs HEMA Kung fu vs HEMA Baat Jaam Do vs Longsword – Technique and Sparring Its funny that I have been doing martial arts for many years now, …

6 thoughts on “Wing Chun vs HEMA – Baat Jaam Do vs Longsword – Technique and Sparring

  1. Connor Kennedy says:

    Fantastic content! I loved seeing the clash of styles. It looked like the cross-block wasn't doing great at higher speeds against a longsword, but likewise that high backhand wasn't always working out against the low diving parry with the butterfly knives. It's nice to see this practiced with control and medium speeds to see what works and doesn't without the longsword endlessly dominating with its' reach.

  2. fadechicobuarque1989 says:

    Wow, this video is amazing. (Actually, your whole channel is very cool and I am really surprised that it is still so small considering the content).

    I practice Wing Chun and I absolutely love HEMA. I was also surprised with the WC practitioner degree of success (probably the use of dual wielding and the strategies implied had a big part on it) because I thought that the length and leverage of the sword would be the deciding factors.

    Have you guys thought of using more similar weapons? WC’s staff would seem more appropriate against such a long two-handed weapon and could also be applied against spears and other pole weapons, although the use of a piercing/cutting weapon against a blunt one would be really unbalanced.

    Actually HEMA has more than one staff like weapon and you could probably test the different stiles wile wielding basically the same weapon.

    There is also no shortage of short blades in HEMA (daggers, knifes, etc.) and the dusack is really similar (in some aspects) to the butterfly swords – although, in these cases, the HEMA practitioner would be less used to double wielding.

    In a weird way, combinations of sword and dagger would also be similar to the use of two butterfly swords and would be really fun to watch.
    Anyway, congrats on the channel and the video.

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