Wing Chun Street Fight

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27 thoughts on “Wing Chun Street Fight

  1. Rhon Remulta says:

    i have yet to find a video of you actually fighting.. or spar atleast.. and this demo just proves me not to look further cause ive seen what you can do lol youre a good actor/stunt man though props.

  2. DJ Dee of RP/SS says:

    U deserve an award for your contribution to making the world a better place. Your instructions save lives and help ppl in so many ways.
    All of us who have learned from u should show our thanks to u. Words aren't enough. I thank u. the day will come when i can show u. i thank u and your culture. i grow u in San Francisco w/ many Chinese ppl and they pushed me to explore myself and my culture. So i am so grateful and i truly thank-you

  3. Ryan Williams says:

    wanting to buy this dvd, but first i have a question (I mean no disrespect) but I can't hardly understand what you are saying, is there other people teaching how to do it in the dvd, also do I have to physically go to a trainer or can I do this with a partner and train?

  4. xSnoweyexp says:

    Wing chun is very dangerous and effective in a streetfight but if you wanna beat someone that is also a wingchunner u gotta put in some boxing moves side to side , when someone gives you a center point punch move to the side and give a hook and uppecut , on the streets wing chun definately works !!

  5. Jay Bhesania says:

    Sifu,I am new to martial arts and i don't have any good school near my area
    I am finding , qigong, tai chi, wing chun ,jeet kune do as interesting should i learn all at once or finish mastering one and then go to another?
    ps:your youtube vedios and online sites are the only medium through which i can learn all this.

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