Wing Chun Punch – The Right Way To Punch And The Wrong Way To Punch

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34 thoughts on “Wing Chun Punch – The Right Way To Punch And The Wrong Way To Punch

  1. Jerome Spanski says:

    Fist preCinching style hits aren't best,
    Many tendency this to retain thrust type propulsion without resorting to typical swinging back for projectary retension as unskilled use out of necessity.

  2. Ron Tate says:

    I would like to see some heaveeeee sparring with effective wing chun techniques used for defense /offense etc against just any body,a real test …
    I see much theory, and no practical use,not any where……A boxer ,a karateka,a taekwondoist,wrestler,madman street fighter etc….

  3. Dan L says:

    so basically, this video says don't tense when you punch. if you do that you will be like a sloppy spaghetti.

    better to say no tension until the moment of impact, so that the hands can be fast and sensitive, and then the whole body locks into place at the last moment in any impactful punch so that the hardness of the ground can be harnessed. bruce lee did a good talk on it.

    also, don't turn to the side so much because your pyramid structure collapses, thus your hip is no longer supporting the punch so you lose balance and lack power and your other hand is out of the picture so your arm can easily be trapped and twisted. To avoid these weaknesses, if you must turn to be side-on, use a Fak Sau (side palm strike) instead, as seen in Siu Lim Tao when both arms simultaneously stretch out with Fak Sau strikes to the sides, because a pulled Fak Sau becomes a Bong Sau which can be harmlessly pulled from the wrist or a Lan Sau in case a strong elbow is needed). A Wing Chun straight punch should only ever be targetting the personal centreline (so that the fist is equal distance from either shoulder, and equal distance from either hip (isosceles triangles) )

  4. Yemi Ayeni says:

    Thanks Guys….great video. I actually learned to be relaxed while punching and not to be tense…..relaxed and focus the energy as opposed to being tense and wasting my energy.

  5. True WingChun says:

    This is heavy 'whole body' striking… however, its missing some very key components to make it much more powerful, by Magnitudes. Whats shown is a "half-truth".   Theere some right, and some wrong in it.  True Fajin power, does in fact have tension applied. But the application isnt simple, nor intuitive. Ill leave it at that for now. Those whom seek, and put in serious efforts, may eventually get it.

  6. A Smithee says:

    Sea Food Todd well played sir…about as well played as your weak limp wristed chest punch on Sea Food Homeless Guy…..what is the deal with you Wing Stop guys, is it that you have realized you are marginally skilled at a useless art

  7. A Smithee says:

    Sea Food Todd why are you beating up that coat rack? Where do I take the 3 day seminar so I can call my self Sea Food Smithee.  No one ever collapsed from one these fruity punches.  You clowns told people to punch door jams! Hey go roundhouse a door knob or crescent kick a faucet

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