Wing Chun kung fu – wing chun Biu Jee Lesson 16

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8 thoughts on “Wing Chun kung fu – wing chun Biu Jee Lesson 16

  1. Dan Horvath says:

    I love Master Wong…My shins are conditioned as Master Wong states and yes, my knee was FUBAR a couple of months ago….It was very painful (knee)…I just laugh when I use my shin in an attack to someone's shin……In Isshinryu, we have a cross kick that is used in close combat..I use it a lot to jam another persons kicks right at the base of the ankle….It works, very effectively; then I attack with the hands~!

  2. BerserkN00b says:

    @BerserkN00b E.g for straight strike) like the chain punch, you can have you palm facing towards (finger tips facing up) the target as you strike, keeping the elbow inline just as you would with a punch.

    If you tilt your elbow outwards with your finger tips pointing side way, it would be a different palm strike, still as effective.

    you can also twist your hip and striking side of the ribcage.. and you can also step in with or after the strike and push the opponent off balance.

  3. BerserkN00b says:

    @kustomhead yes, you can use palm instead of the closed fist punches, you just need to adjust the angle of your wrist or elbow and hip (depending on the palm strike). Same goes for chops, the principle of force generation is pretty much the same.

  4. Cqef says:

    By watching all his videos, I'm seriously thinking about starting Wing Chun and Tai Chi training…
    Mastering your own body and taking control of your opponent's… This has to be a incredible feeling…
    Dammit, I wish I could live nearer from Ipswich… That's so bad to be french in that case, close and too far at the same time, how frustrating!

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