Wing Chun kung fu – Fight Art Lesson 13

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8 thoughts on “Wing Chun kung fu – Fight Art Lesson 13

  1. Jim Raynor says:

    The training dummy, if you see the last parts of the video, watch it again, the training guy is slow as fuck when he's throwing his punches and kicks, at that rate it's possible for anyone to counter and throw some shit back.
    I know what you're going to say, "it's for demonstration purposes so it's slowed down", but honestly if you wanna show a real application then do it in REAL fighting time/speed and power. And also get a legit boxer/fighter at the same level or close to see how it fairs.

  2. Jim Raynor says:

    why the hell would you expend all that energy to throw your elbow in the 2nd move into an arm that's in thin air? That's like trying to hit a flying peace of paper with a huge anvil, wasted power(energy) and time. Isn't wing chun about closing the gap and not distance? Of course wing chun has no use on the ground game as well vs jiu jitsu, but if it was so easy to block and parry any punch how come we never see it in MMA?

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