Wing Chun Knife Techniques

Wing Chun Knife Techniques What is Daily Fillup? =========================================== =========================================== Wing…

6 thoughts on “Wing Chun Knife Techniques

  1. mofotox says:

    Freaking ai jai get real! Since when did ur Wing Chun Sifu Ip Ching taught u that when u were a tourist in Hong Kong for two weeks?????? Posting on the Internet pic of him teaching u the first section does not mean shit u learned the complete form, let alone comprehend the form fully! The shit u r showing is a total contradiction to the first section! If u can remember, the first exercise even before the first section is to practice chopping with your wrist not the elbow!!!!! Did u understand Canto? Ip Ching spoke any English to u? Or the crap, err, craft u 'learned' got lost in translation? Paying visit to Mecca does not make one a Saint, same as touring VTAA once or twice a year does not make u an expert, let alone a real teacher or Sifu ! Is it many people like u, gee siu siu, jo doi biu ( know little, act like representative) who fool the unsuspecting, ignorant young generation ( that includes u Phil) making the art degenerated and deformed! Sham on you Russ Cheech-Chong!

  2. BanamA says:

    Just watched all of your videos relating to wing chun, i have learnt so many things to being calm and relaxed while focusing centerline work and using my body's entire structure to draw out as much force out in one area. I never learnt wing chun and your videos are not only funny but also very logical for different situations. cheers mang!! you have a wonderful Sifu

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