Wing Chun for beginners lesson 58: Elbow drill

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14 thoughts on “Wing Chun for beginners lesson 58: Elbow drill

  1. chinguidinsky says:

    Well i don't practice WT but waht has worked for me in other martial arts is going for the legs. The ideal would be kicking them but if your kick isn't that strong or "devastating" like me, go for the take downs. I wait for my chance, then the guy throws a side kick, well, when you kick you lift your leg and then you extend so what i do is i go in and grab the leg before they extend then all you do is take a huge step forward while they are out of balance and they fall down, a push is enough.

  2. Bastion83 says:

    i would suggest shooting in and taking some joint control, one of my favorite training partners is taller and has longer limbs. we still love working together. shoot in and make his range a non issue. I dont mean groundfighting persay, just get in close to him and go from there.

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