Wing Chun for beginners lesson 34: Block, feed and trap



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42 thoughts on “Wing Chun for beginners lesson 34: Block, feed and trap

  1. Maksim Jovovic says:

    Hello,I am a martial artist i train karate i just got a red belt ๐Ÿ˜€ i skipped one.I really want to try and learn wing chun but i don't know how long i have to practice one or more exercises? Do you have some kind of a routine? please reply ๐Ÿ˜€
    i subscribed by the way


  2. huwa says:

    And if you watch thugs in the street, you'll know that they'll knive you or kick you in the head whilst down at every opportunity.
    Wake up man and stop reading books. Go watch how real fights go down and learn that the only way to defend yourself in the street if you should get into a situation is to be the aggressor first and debilitate your opponent/s

  3. huwa says:

    You should build an ant farm or watch crickets grow. Seriously, why on earth would you learn martial arts to just be a pacifist? Master Wong is not some hocus pocus liar who bullshits his way around pretending to be high and mighty. He's teaching real world techniques and not pulling your leg and you WANT someone to pull your leg? If you want to be a flower child, join a monestary and leave martial arts to people who do want to learn real fighting. I applaude his real world approach & techniques

  4. topple says:

    @MrMRMac1980 Yes that's what's been bothering me.If you watched Ip Chun,he says that wing chun isn't aggressive martial art.It is made to gain self control.

  5. nightfox2282 says:

    @minamototsuki hit one of you mates rib cages without one. When you wake up after he floored you for doing it let me know if the sound is the same lol. Ye he's wearing a pad, I don't know why Master wong likes to visually hide it though. Maybe he thinks the look crappy ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. ncigntujyang says:

    For gang fight…it is easy…if they don't know kung fu or any other martial arts. You can knock them out quick once they come close to you. I been there done that. I am also a kung fu master. thanks

  7. cloud arjuna says:

    no way to grab people hand easyly..believe me…have u been in a gangfight..then u will know..what exactly u need to do…just learn wing chun simple kick,simple punch and block…the improtant thing is to be more faster,accurate n save energy…learn to be more calm.

  8. rozitah lancau says:

    Yeah, definitely. I think his idea is not to rush the attack too soon, but instead trapping your opponent's arms so that he won't stand a chance to counter-attack you. This is especially vital if you're fighting somebody much stronger than you, for if both of you punches each other at the same time, he's going to take you down much faster than you do.

    As can be seen, both the opponent's hands are tied up, making him totally vulnerable to strikes to upper body.

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