WING CHUN EXPERIMENT: DOES Pak Sao REALLY Work Against Jab Cross Punches?

This is a Wing Chun Experimental Video in which we are not using an over extended Man Sao to defend against punches. In this video we test the idea of using …

27 thoughts on “WING CHUN EXPERIMENT: DOES Pak Sao REALLY Work Against Jab Cross Punches?

  1. Peter Miller says:

    i spared with a wing chun practitioner. he tried that on me. the first time it worked and he stepped to my left side, slapping around. i turned my stance to the right now facing him again and threw out a fake left jab, which left him slapping air, as i followed up with an overhand right which i pulled by still slightly connected, knocking his contact lens out of his eye. so we stopped sparring until we found his lost lens. at that point he did not wish to continue. we were both training for about the same time period in our respective arts. mine was kyokushin karate and boxing. his, wing chun. he was also about 4 inches taller than be and outweighed me as well.

  2. Sihing Kraven: Bay Mountain Wing Tsun Asheville says:

    the main reason bong doesn't work here is because boxing punches are not usually thrown with a low elbows like "traditional" wing chun punches. a huge issue I have with YouTube wing chunners is the "attacker" in the video is usually a student of the teacher and is constantly throwing that low elbow vertical fist. this is one of The many reasons I love your vids and channel.

  3. Lee Amy says:

    Pak sao stops working once the opponent starts being good at feinting and mixing up the punches with straights and hooks… as well as hitting body and head… so now usually what happens is the hands are forced to lose its familiarity in the pattern of parrying the Jab and cross.. especially when thrown full force and full speed… that's why boxers end up blocking sometimes instead of parrying.. I'm sure you get what I am saying.. how would you address this?

  4. Nizz 0matic says:

    i really like your videos. you seem to use a modified wing chun that looks very effective. most vids i see of wing chun sparing they end up in a weird slap fight lol. you fight like a cross between a boxer and kung fu, its quite awesome and looks really effective.

  5. HelikaonIX says:

    I've been watching these videos for a while now, I think it's mesmerizing and awesome, but how does this style fare against brawlers that just keep coming at you? For instance a UFC cage fighter with wrestling/jiu jitsu skills. Does Wing Chun allow for take-down defense? I may have missed that video, but I'm left wondering, however.

  6. fumanjoe1 says:

    It is good to see a wing chun sifu addressing a street fighting style attack rather than wing chun chain punches. My only comment would be that (from the defender's perspective) moving to the left of the student's left hand jab, after touching it, means that you end up in the path of an unpredictable right rear hand hit that can be delivered from any angle with flexibility and power, and you are left very open in close. I respectfully suggest that going instead to the right of the jab would mean that you would end up in a much safer position, with much more restricted options for his right rear hand. Not a criticism at all – just a suggestion, about which I would welcome your comments! Well done for trying to demonstrate options for wing chun practitioners in potential real life situations.

  7. Dave Wilson says:

    I would agree The pak sau is very effective against jabs cross. It's very similar to the boxing/muay thai parries. It's nice to see practical wing chun videos like these. I kind pof get annoyed when people say Wing Chin doesn't wok against boxers etc. i train Muay Thai and Wing chun is not designed for sport with boxing gloves. However as this video demonstrated it can work very well against a boxing opponent. Good video

  8. Krazed Rider says:

    I have a question: How would advise how to deal with "slippery" arms?
    Ex: opponent's arms (fore hands) are wet, from sweat or some kind of oil.
    The case is when opponent is not wearing long sleeve shirts or not wearing a shirt.

    same kind of jabs and crosses thrown at you.

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