wing chun dummy training wooden dummy – Lesson 12

Wing Chun kung fu – wing chun Dummy Form and application dvd. Subscribe for more videos, click here: Wing Chun …

19 thoughts on “wing chun dummy training wooden dummy – Lesson 12

  1. MixTechTV says:

    @angelloakira Thats whats up brah! I've actually studied brazilian jujitsu for almost 6 years but financial problems forced me to quit that. I wanted to learn that because I'm only about 5'6'' so I needed an edge. I've always wanted to learn wing chun and add it to my weapons cache. With those 2 disciplines under my belt I'll feel like more of a complete fighter. Glad to hear Kung Fu helped change your life. Hopefully it will help me the same. You nedd to know how to throw your hands in NYC!

  2. TEMUJIN ARTS says:

    @SinisterHan4T1 so much harder than a boxers fist??lol man , stop dreaming, its better for u to face reality. try going to and reputable proper boxing gym and train with the pros and experienced olympic amateurs… friend u will wake up.-FAST

  3. angelloakira says:

    @civicdoc trust me bro i live in fucking kansas, kung fu is not marketable here and i got lucky and found the mother of kung fu that i could of found lol. i wanted to learn 7star preyingmantis then i ended up learning southern shaolin animal boxing from the temple and that sir is kick ass. plus no one tells you about this but kung fu changes your life, it did to mine. i used to weight around 400 pounds, now im half way done to being regular size. and i can sense things regular people dont. 🙂

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