wing chun dummy training wooden dummy – Lesson 1

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44 thoughts on “wing chun dummy training wooden dummy – Lesson 1

  1. ogi22 says:

    It's about couple things: getting your body to withstand pain and contact with hard things and making your moves a reflex, something that's done without thinking, just reacting on the opponent. That's why it takes a LOOOONG time… repetition, repetition, repetition…

  2. Mark Wilkinson says:

    Right i might sound stupid but does it hurt when you get a wooden one and if it does how do the chinease carry on hitting it so hard?
    Also what are the main affects that are good with this dummy.

  3. Luah Zhi Yao says:

    @SkemeKOS Hey just to ask if you doesn't like Master Wong could you not comment here? you would make yourself loads of enemy. If you wanna stop but people keep replying then ignor them…

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