WING CHUN and KALI :”Useful drills-not stupid drills” CONTROVERSY

Misunderstood,or used as an actual form of combat,these energy drills,or as we refer to them talking hands prepare for civilian confrontation in close quarters.

26 thoughts on “WING CHUN and KALI :”Useful drills-not stupid drills” CONTROVERSY

  1. Shynn-Obi Slick says:

    this is the first time i seen kali drills that resemble the one i learned in san diego when i was a teen.. but the class was a street kali self defense class. i like this vid. i dont ever comment n vidios. good job pl. please make more i subscibed.

  2. Justin Daniels says:

    It depends liljefery. Where I do training, the mma class is very broad and general. But it just all depends. Most people in our class usually just train in that class Which is bbj, wrestling, kick boxing, boxing… I think it is always good to go outside those schools and train in a single martial art like karate etc. People have harder time defending against something else added to their fighting.

  3. liljeffy28 says:

    I disagree and doubt you train in MMA. Most MMA fighters train each art separately (ie Muay thai, BJJ, wrestling, Judo, Sambo, boxing) and hold belts in each art. So they do have respect for the arts and know the history. Then you have an MMA coach who puts it all together and the training but thats strictly for fighting in MMA.

  4. Samir Seif says:

    I would have to agree in terms of techniques.On the other side WC and kali have great training concepts that can be used in sports training for hand eye coordination and speed

  5. fillingyourhole says:

    I think arts like WC & Kali have a lot of "illegal" moves that wouldn't ever be allowed in sports rings (like knifehand to the throat, finger jab to the eyes, certain elbow attacks, certain grappling attacks, or hand immobilizing attacks). WC or Kali would not have a place in the ring. Arts like Savate or Muy Thai seem to be more useful in the sports settings.

  6. Samir Seif says:

    Mind Set can be progressively practiced in any environment.Even a clean beautiful matted room can be mentally changed into the darkest abyss with the right mindset,adrenaline based drills,music,lights,armored attackers that can be freely attacked.Working the last 2 decades in the true environment has really given me an edge in recreating it for others.

  7. Samir Seif says:

    Thank you!Thats so important to remember,even when a high level muay thai,mma or grappling athlete.Although im sure they could beat an average person,perhaps even a couple attackeres in real life.If they are not in the mindset,or cannot adapt their skills for CQC,and weapons thats when their skill level falls apart.

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