WILDERNESS SURVIVAL Forest Bug out Bag BASIC Gear "APOCALYPSE TIPS #5a" 1st 10 Items 2 survive SHTF



5a APOCALYPSE TIPS SERIES #5a Beginning Wilderness Survival – part 1 I am revisiting a subject that I did about a few months ago. This video will focus on …

23 thoughts on “WILDERNESS SURVIVAL Forest Bug out Bag BASIC Gear "APOCALYPSE TIPS #5a" 1st 10 Items 2 survive SHTF

  1. wernesgruder1 says:

    You’ll be dead long before your lighter/matches/ferro rod runs out. Unless you can find a cabin by a clean river with a commercial vegetable farm near by you will starve or die of exposure after about a month.

  2. Chuck Robertson says:

    Spent 30 years on active duty. Plenty of survival training. However, before gear prep, we were always trained to be physically ready for the harsh task of survival no matter where it would be. It starts first with personal health and hygiene. Are your teeth in good shape, are your shots up to date, are you in excellent physical conditioning, do you have appropriate and sufficient medical prescriptions if you require them, do you have extra pairs of glasses if you wear them, etc. You can have all the latest survival equipment in the world, but if you have a badly abscessed tooth, or you are so out of shape you can't walk a mile with even the lightest gear, then you are truly screwed.

  3. Revival Jim says:

    So how are you going to survive in a bug out situation if it's a nuclear war between Russia and China and besides that Russia nukes Yellowstone and it's 30 below for a year and it's there's there's no sun there's no food there's no electricity and it's heavily radiated and it's 30 below for a year so are you still going to be able to survive Outdoors with just a big knife

  4. Avery Devore says:

    As soon as I started reading survival guide “suvo amazing guide” (Google it), there was no stopping me. At the beginning of each chapter, there were real-life situations which were also used as basis for the ideas that followed. In some way, the stories will help persuade you that something can happen anytime, which means you should be prepared at all times. If you reside in an area where disasters normally happen, this is actually the book I`m suggesting to you.

  5. NGMonocrom says:

    I have to say, as far as knives go especially in restrictive jurisdictions where a firearm is legally out of the question; bigger is better. My main one is a Becker BK9 from Kabar. But with the optional factory micarta handles installed, and a custom-made kydex sheath. While the stock nylon sheath is better than decent and "live-able," the stock Hard Plastic Grivory handles are garbage. Their design is excellent. But they're far too slippery. Custom grips or the factory optional micarta grips are a must.

    This model is capable of all sorts of chores, and is big enough to help with dealing with predators. Both the 4-legged and 2-legged variety. I also have a BK39 (basically a BK9 with goofy Kabar logo on the blade and a duracoat finish) also with the micarta optional handles.

    Doesn't have to be one of those two. But I feel strongly that a full-tang design, for added strength, is going to be best. With a blade length of at least 8 or 9 inches.

  6. Ryan Krueger says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to say I can really relate to the content on this video! Im always looking for ways to strengthen my survival knowledge, and how to apply it in real scenarios! I recently found this blog post to be a very useful resource when it comes to surviving in the wild, hopefully it can has value to you too! Sharing is caring! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2lPStCP



  7. Carlos Tavares says:

    Please be careful talking about desert. It is too dangerous and very very subtle. Skills there are learned over many years, and then still may not be enough for you to survive. Notice monument valley on your video. Traversing this type of terraine has killed many experienced people for a number of very different reasons.
    Defending in the wilderness. Again, very difficult and subtle as well. Better to use the 5 skills and the groups with those and defend military style. Defending wilderness skills take many years and are best taught from birth.
    Your videos are excellent and have taken lots of study on your part, but these two subjects do not lend to quick learning. Just 'cliffing out' in certain desert terraines has taken so many lives that teaching how to avoid dying this way may take your life . . . and please consider the famous avalanche expert died in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah years ago teaching about avalanche danger, etc. if you plan to really go into the wilderness.
    Better people in the cities learn about what you are covering and practice those simple skills.
    I think the best advice regarding preparation for difficulties is to do the best you can within reason and prepare yourself to be able to adapt and learn using your adaptive, communal, or whatever skills. Lone skills are very hard come bye and are very few who can even do that even with the skills in hand.
    Thanks again for all your help and your excellent videos. Godspeed

  8. Carlos Tavares says:

    Great absolutely great – and the scenery. Hope you were able to take some of those your self.
    Excellent advice. Learning a lot from you. Thanks. The old K-Bar is the great knife, no?

  9. Nunya Bizniz says:

    I have been looking for videos on purifying or filtering water that has been radioactively contaminated. Does that mean that there is no method to accomplish this? Or have I just been looking in the wrong places? I do not live near a nuclear facility, but I do live near the San Francisco/San Jose area which may be a prime target for nuclear blasts and much of the available water storage facilities are reservoirs scattered in the hills all around the bay area. Those are open to the air.

  10. daniel saint-martin says:

    a very good video ★★★★★….. but 95% + are not going to make it in a shtf scenario….. they will have the mindset of a camping trip…. sad but true… even my eight years in the preparedness community i'm still learning… some that lives in cities think with the perfect bugout kit bought at Amazon they will make it… just my two cents on this….. by the way merry Christmas.

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