Why Your Cane Self Defense Won’t Work – And How To Fix It



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11 thoughts on “Why Your Cane Self Defense Won’t Work – And How To Fix It

  1. leefra1 says:

    I’m watching you instead of the inauguration. I wanted something real. I would appreciate some basic footwork and body position training to use during self defense. Thanks Matt.

  2. pappa smurf says:

    why the dislike man? great tutorial have a like from me. watched that 60s/70s Japanese police jo staff vid crazy fast and cool!! I get the EXPLOSIVE now fast hard and to the point.

  3. An Drew says:

    Be sure to stay fighting fit and skilled in unarmed counter-boxing & counter-grappling so that when you're arrested and waiting six months to a year inside county jail for using the cane in personal defense you can survive. Cause after the liberal government enforcers arrest you for protecting yourself they're not gonna let you take your cane with you to jail where street gangs & thugs run in packs.

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