Why You Will Get Cut Defending Against a Knife • Martial Arts Journey

Reality of knife defense is not pretty and very different from what most knife defense videos would want you to believe. Thus I asked a self defense expert Bruno …

29 thoughts on “Why You Will Get Cut Defending Against a Knife • Martial Arts Journey

  1. joe eastman says:

    Here are some crude but practical measures you can take to increase your chances of being able to make an escape from a would be attacker or mugger, if you're being ambushed well I hope you can pull through when it's all said and done otherwise…my condolences. If you have a pair of pants that don't have holes in the pocket you can store a handful of sand in each pocket. A fist full of sand released to the face and surely at least a few granules will find there way into the eyes. This is a very effective strategy to allow for a quick getaway or for counter attacking. When you get home just empty out your pockets into a container for future outings. Another useful tool to have on you is a Maglite or something similar. Shine a light into the eyes of the assailant and they will essentially be blind long enough to make an escape or counter with a strike using the butt end of the flashlight to the jugular, temple or an orbital. Finally, if you have a conceal carry permit – carry a pistol.

  2. Changling says:

    LMAO at that fat water buffalo bitch doing the slo mo knife defense. That fat bitch couldn’t stop anything. She could probably destroy a couple extra large pizzas though. Fucking pig.

  3. Fergi Sabre says:

    In the army special forces soldiers get trained to stop multiple knife aggressors and while having their hands tied behind your back. It is fo*kin hilarious that most people that train in martial arts are amateurs.

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