Why You Never See Martial Arts in Life & Death Situations! Tony Blauer

Why do you never see martial arts manifest in a life and death survival situation where the attacker catches it’s victim by surprise? Tony Blauer contends that the …

48 thoughts on “Why You Never See Martial Arts in Life & Death Situations! Tony Blauer

  1. GuruJudge21 says:

    Wrestling. Boxing. Judo. BJJ. Muay Thai. These are all Martial Arts I have seen performed in reality. All of these are taught to people who plan on entering life and death scenarios on a regular basis. A boxer's response to being startled is a right hook. A judoka's response is to hip toss you on your ass. A Muay Thai fighter is going to knee you in the liver, and a BJJ practitioner is going to choke you unconscious, while a wrestler's response is to shoot a double leg, and wrestle fuck you into oblivion.

    Hard to believe, often means it's bullshit.

  2. Richard Shapiro says:

    ironically, when I studied w rory miller, whos super legit practical fighting guy, he showed us how important having a reflex action to hone that surprise reaction into something martially useful. then, once you handle the initial surprise, you can do what you do. then he shows us the exact same movements that are the main movements in our bagua style. so my understanding of this is very different. red flag when someone says never, particularly for a martial arts teacher…

  3. Brian Mucha says:

    But don't get me wrong. There is something to be said for just pure street fighting or brawling. On the street, ANYTHING GOES, and there are NO RULES. The only rule is survival. And unless u want to die, u will bite, kick, gouge out an eye, hit somebody w/ a rock, whatever, or even smarter RUN!!!

  4. Brian Mucha says:

    Why do we hardly ever see martial arts being used in a life or death situation? SIMPLE…Most of us folks walking around in America don't ever actually run into such situation where 'life +death' is involved.

  5. G Lander (2018) says:

    Go and walk around pubs and bars you will see lots of martial arts. I am fighting 4-6 nights a week being a head doorman, and I use martial arts otherwise I would be long dead

  6. Scotty Sevens says:

    Nutshell: Don't study martial arts!!! Martial arts is crap!!! Buy my video, where I borrow all kinds of techniques from different martial arts instead! And whatever you do, don't study Krav Maga! That's crap! My system is way superior..smh. Tough guy with raspy voice wearing shades trying to make me feel like I need to sound like a WWF wrestler or I'm not tough.

  7. Scotty Sevens says:

    Sorry Funker..you didn't invent the palm up, that's been in many different martial arts, one good example is wing chun. Also tiger and crane. Yes, your views on response from a panicked position are valuable without question. Yes, we know you are trying to make some cash, Funker, so you are trying to make it look like you have some new novel approach to self- defense. But try to be honest without the snake oil crap:) Peace out. I recently watched a video with William Cheung, and also Dan Inosanto, man they didn't use the word fuck once nor any profanity, they must be real wimps. Yes, I studied a little bit of self-defense, so I'm not completely talking out of my ass here. But I don't go around telling people"look, I invented a kick to the shin!"..your ideas have great merit, but cut the snake oil crap. You sound like a tough guy, I'm sure you had to practice that while growing up.

  8. Scotty Sevens says:

    If you got out of your car to talk some guy during a road rage' incident, you're an idiot. Drive away. Don't try to prove you're a man by getting out and exacerbating and escalating, and yes just getting out to talk to a maniac is escalation.

  9. David Burt says:

    The best form of defense is attack swing like a donkeys knob kicking and biting I've practiced Marshall arts all my life and when the shit hits the fan you go from black belt to white belt

  10. guloguloguy says:

    IMHO: …The opponent's EYES should be the PRIMARY TARGET, if at all within reach. Once their vision is compromised, their ability to continue their intended attack becomes severely limited. I think that training to strike into the opponents eyes, should be emphasized, much more persistently.

  11. shonz88 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, this guy is a ginormous tool, but not since Bruce Lee have truer words ever been spoken about fighting/self defense than in the first 3 minutes of this video. All of this MMA crap is for UFC fanboys who don’t realize MMA only kinda works when you are mentally prepared to fight. Real fighting is unexpected and you do more biting, eye gouging, groin twisting/punching, and scratching when your life is actually threatened no matter how many decades you’ve been training. Ask Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson how years of MMA training worked in a real fight with a weapon. Now go outside for some fart-free air so your mothers can change your UFC bedsheets…….. #dweebs #moreHotPocketsMomNOW

  12. SOCADANCEBOOK McLeod says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss. This man knows what the hell he's talking about. I am trying to defend myself, not show how good my particular art is. The purpose of MMA is to adapt to anything, but it has been dumbed down to ring fighting.

  13. Daniel Grant says:

    This is awesome man. Wow. When I was young I trained in karate because i was bullied. I trained 6 and 7 days a week and my sensei hated tournaments. we only did one. He would've had us training with you sir. just Awesome. Thank you. Im sharing this.

  14. Hippy Dippy says:

    I am watching this now. So far his startle/threat assessment is spot on! Georgians were experts at skipping the flinch and assessing everything as a threat. That's how Georgia Whup-Ass got invented. This guy is awesome. He don't back down in his speaking. Oh yeah, Califuckinfornia. Fucking love it.

  15. jonmacist John says:

    Some good points the bottom line is no matter what martial arts style you use you better make sure it works in a real life situation that will save your life and that you will not freeze up and do nothing

  16. Ari Bargolani says:

    This guy and system has at least one thing in common with some of the people in any martial art. That theirs is the best! Every system has their success stories, their failures and their ego trips.. let's take the short cut, bypass all the techniques, exercises and drills and focus on training for real life situations. There will always be at least one situation you have not yet trained for. And a person with years of training in a martial art, any of the legit ones, not a mcdojo, which will then train in real life simulations will probably have better results. The downside? Spending years to prepare for something that might happen. Guess what, that is called childhood and growing up, preparing for real life situations. The fact that most parents are cuddling their offspring till they are 30 is the main problem. People are getting older without growing up and getting ready for the real world with all its horrors…

  17. Forrest Disney says:

    I enjoyed this video a lot and I comprehend it and support it to an extent. However, Someone once threw a punch at me and I instantly wrapped up his head and arm, hip tossed him into a scarf hold and then pummeled his helpless face. I definitely used martial arts …

  18. jervill2 Villjer2 says:

    Sounds like Southern Mantis (Seven stars) kung-fu training strategy. Just different names/nomenclature. Same ideas of using reflexive and instinctive movements and 'weaponising' them.

  19. SatanicSexGod says:

    First of all humans don't have a reptilian brain and the they never had. The reason why you rarely see martial arts on camera is the fact that there are not that many people out there who are routined fighters on top of the fact that a lot of styles especially most self defense systems are just an ineffective product of fantasy with the purpose to cash in on it.

  20. 61 sasquatch says:

    Most people aren't martial artists is why you don't see it in a fight. If you've trained it's a different ball game. Flinching, anger, or fighting while afraid aren't issues.

  21. Jason Lomax says:

    This guy really have some good points… when i studied different styles of martial arts, i was fascinated by the Chinese kung fu philosophies,styles,weapons,movements and disciplines along with how the treat and use there body. While learning these styles,i always wondered if and how it would be effective in a real life situation so i would always ask whatever teacher who was giving the lesson for the day questions like…."i saw a small guy get hit with two straight jabs,slammed to the ground and got stumped and pounded by a bigger guy,show me how to defend myself from those kinds of attacks"…lol HEY!!! teach me real martial arts not how to be a movie stunt guy,teach me how to survive real attacks… and usually we would have a 45mn after class session of real life situations and if they couldn't help me i wouldn't come back.this guy here is giving real mind states from an average person who haven't trained there mind for combat.

  22. sebastian says:

    This video was hilarious – "reverse engineering", "startle flinch", "at a cellular level", "cognitive brain threat discriminates", " "time & space between me & the threat", "disengages from noxious stimuli", "cognitive brain to respects the reptilian brain". Sorry, I couldn't watch more than 4 minutes.

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