Why You Don't Want to Punch in the Street



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20 thoughts on “Why You Don't Want to Punch in the Street

  1. Rangerfan 2019 says:

    My grandpa is a veteran, he always told me the best strike is palm to nose if possible, he said if you bring your palm up and ram it into the nose it will usually knock you out and it can kill if you do it really hard.

  2. Subzerouh says:

    actually the explanation is ur palm cant bend like ur fists. ofc grabbing hairs n shit is a bonus
    but it all comes downt to not brake ur ankles or ur wrists, n with palm strikes it cant happen.
    check out el guapo 🙂

  3. daniel280456 says:

    In the beginning of UFC, when they didn't wear gloves and had 4 man tournaments, every other event a guy who won would retire from the next match because of hand injuries.

  4. Ryan Dravinski says:

    Fun Fact.

    Back when boxing was bare knuckle they would strike the head " with their palms actually and would slide it across their face using their nails to slice them up.
    And those who say "Palm strikes are stupid only stuff in UFC works! go Connor Mcnugget!"
    you're a hypocrite. Bas Rutten Ko'D a Thai fella with a palm strike. Are you going to sit on your computer and say Bas can't fight? Lol that would be funny.

  5. John Ryder says:

    Stop with this nonsense. One punch can kill somebody, its not a fucking joke to fight on the streets. Just buy a fucking pepper spray if your are gay or buy a fucking gun for self-defense if you are american. No need to shoot nobody, if the punk messes with you, go away, stay away from him, maybe hes really trying to find another douche like him to start a war and men on this mindset are usually lunatics and people with serious subconscious psyquiatric disorders, you dont wanna fight with a maniac, its fucking dangerous, if he keeps following you, grab your fucking gun and point to him, if he get 1 meter close to you, dont think twice: aim at his balls and shoot without mercy. It will be glorious! You will not only be with free conscious of not being charged of homicide, as you also will take his balls out. Without balls, he has no more testosterone, so he will just calm the fuck down lil

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