Why You Can’t Block a Knife Fighter | They Don’t Stab Like Criminals

Never let anyone you suspect of carrying a knife get close to you! In a vast majority of the time, they’re likely untrained and will swing wildly with predictable …

47 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Block a Knife Fighter | They Don’t Stab Like Criminals

  1. Vesuvius says:

    First thing is I would never take a seminar with Mastro because he's an asshole who enjoys punching people who won't hit back. I'd love to see him in a MMA match where people hit back.

  2. jannevellamo says:

    A good palm strike to the chin from below would do the trick and possibly kill the attacker. Yeah, I'd get cut too, but that's the price of victory. With a bit of luck, I'd just get seriously cut in the arm.

  3. kde439 says:

    The reality, move, evade & hit with a chair or something. Been attacked twice by knife attacks both times i used a chair & neutralized the situation. First was chair thrust straight to attackers face, second swung the chair in low across attackers legs as he was charging forward, sent him crashing to the floor face first & I stomped on his elbow & back of his head. So move & use an environmental weapon, if you cant get the hell out of there.

  4. Erick Estrada says:

    What would you do if a 10 ton truck was headed your way? Would you block? Draw your gun? Run? Never pick a fight with a 10 ton truck. What would you if a gun was drawn on you? would you run? would you take your knife out? Never fight a man with a gun. What would you do if a gang of trannys was headed your way? Would you block?

  5. Tzvi Kay says:

    None of the above, don't fight a knife fighter. It's tactical suicide as well as practical suicide. If fighting is inevitable, never fight a knife fighter on his terms. Some sort of situational advantage is needed, e.g. something to distract or disorient him. Run, then turn and blind him with a coat or something. Maybe follow with seizing the hand, and a soft pressure strike to the solar plexus. – to be clear I mean soft pressure in the asian styles focusing on internal damage.

  6. W0ND3RB0Y says:

    Head butt him so hard, his teeth gets stuck on my forehead!

    No i'd probably be having all kinds of reflexes to protect my neck with one arm and push him off with the other… Just to start off with maintaining a distance.. Unless i see him approching with a knife beforehand of course, then i might run over and kiss him before throwing him double fork style against the curb… But im i small guy so i usually end up in a grapple.. 🙁

  7. Delusional Illusion says:

    I don't think I've ever seen a stabbing like that, ( I've watched a few videos) usually it's sewing grip repeatedly to the mid/upper body or ice pick grip repeatedly to the upper body BUT if you assume they can/will attack like mastro & don't wait for it then you'll definitely be safer; they could know/try Kali or something else.

  8. K O K O・ヘクマティアル ⁢ says:

    I would actually do none of the above and use a tactic that has worked well for me so far, that my bully taught me while he was whooping my ass in front of the class. Strange guy, actually.
    Whenever someone gets in your face, simple. Push him away with your full force, stand your ground where you are because after you push them, they will run towards you, and then deck the shit out of them. Usually works if they don't have a weapon of some sorts. But then it all depends on the weapon.

  9. paksau1 says:

    Ok, I haven't ran into too many knife fighters in my life time and guess neither will 99% of your subscribers…help me with just everyday normal shit…the drunk dude at the bar…I like you Mastro…but slowdown with the magical moves…

  10. Sigillum Militum says:

    Bla bla bla you wona realism ok – In any situation with unsigned attack when oponent have knife you going be harm or die – my two frends die in that situation , no chance to do nothing it was just two second attack

  11. Rabbie Wordie says:

    like it said don't let a knife fighter get close. Just shoot the idiot.

    if they were to rush me from up close with no warning. I would move in a circular motion forward deflecting the initial attack and moving past his knife hand side. I would then counter attack with an elbow strike or Ridge hand to the throat depending on if he did or did not move back. as the strike to the throat occurred I would sweep his leg knocking him to the floor. I would then move quickly away and draw my firearm and command him to desist. If he fled I would reholster and dial 911. If he tossed his knife and remained in position I would again dial 911 and hold him there until police arrived. If he attempted to charge me again I would put 8 rounds of .45 Cal Hornady Critical Duty in him. And he would have a attitudinal readjustment.

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