Why This Krav Maga Self-Defense Class Is 60% Women | Be A Badass | Brawlers

Here on Be A Badass, Allison Hagendorf takes us through a self-defense based hand-to-hand combat course called Krav Maga. This class is especially beneficial to women looking to learn a physical…

48 thoughts on “Why This Krav Maga Self-Defense Class Is 60% Women | Be A Badass | Brawlers

  1. Bill M says:

    It's not about being a badass. No such thing anymore anyway. It's about simply keeping yourself out of harm's way. And by that I mean from sjws, liberals, blacks, Muslims, racists against whites, teens who pretend to be mma fighters, etc.

  2. O Serper says:

    when you want to learn Real and authentic Krav Maga, search for IDF Krav Maga.
    certification under certification is not acceptable when you want to learn the real and authentic IDF Krav Maga.

  3. Jessica Drew says:

    I'm reading the comments and all I see is a bunch of dudes bitching about some sort of inequality. Seriously? The amount of whiny people in this world drives me nuts. Yes, women are biologically weaker than men. Which I why women tend to learn Krav Mega and Wing Chung. They're good fighting styles for women. I think it's funny how all these men (boys would be more accurate) are talking smack about beating up the woman in the video or women in general. Insecure much? Stop competing and just watch the damn video about an awesome fighting style with a host who happens to be a woman. Measuring tapes away.

  4. Elon Snow says:

    Dude this woman is BUILT! I love fighting, but her size is intimidatingLOL. I'm admitting my own flaw, all it would take in a head on match between me and her is for me to slip up then BOOM! I'm out either from a broken jaw or severely painful groin strikeLOL. Still it is nice that more females are taking a combat class, too bad it is difficult to find some with enough guts to have a formal match with me.

  5. Sumanth K S says:

    krav maga needs to be practised a lot. The technique can kill the opponent which is cool for Israeli Army but in real life, one could go to jail… hmm… jail sex… yuk… no way in hell

  6. Paul Morris says:

    What's all this bullshit about stigmas preventing women doing stuff? Who's stopping or discouraging them exactly? Fuckin' bullshit. They've been encouraged to do martial arts for decades and have been doing so. Hard to believe people still talk as much shit as this about women.

  7. Ruskbanan Inc. says:

    i would say roughly 20% of ALL men could win Head to Head against the best female fighter in the world. I would say that's a Fair number. Now, how many % of women, could beat, the greatest man fighter, Head to Head… i would say below 1%… lets be honest…

  8. 박래분 says:

    우리나라는법이너무나가벼운게사실임니다 사람을자인하게죽인살인마에게는그런방법이로또같이값어주었으면~~~

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