Why The Special Forces Train in Filipino Martial Arts | FMA: Kali, Arnis, Escrima

NEW CHANNEL, ALL FIGHTING: Whether you call it Kali, Arnis or Escrima the Filipino Martial Arts has been …

42 thoughts on “Why The Special Forces Train in Filipino Martial Arts | FMA: Kali, Arnis, Escrima

  1. William Johns says:

    Can you keep a secret , so can I !!! Some things aren't ready for the general public if my teachers say it's a secret I don't question them out of respect , oh and fear for my life lol !

  2. nonoy alcarde says:

    i learned from the old a few like di campo, banda y banda and pika y daga and rompidas. I like most is the cobination of dicampo and banda y banda. this play came from 1500's maybe and only few knows about it her in the Philippines. Because we keep it in secret.

  3. LUIS FILIPE Silva says:

    well, we kmow that Phillipean Kali ,and Sillat are two of the best fighting sistems , more effecient and complet martial arts for real fight situations of Life and death, There are others also great sistems like Jujutsu/Taijutsu, Vietvodao,Shoringi-Kempo and a few more, these sistems are the best Couse they are proven in battle (war) against and with wepons, hand to hand combat, against One and more enimies and these are the reasons they are the best of the best but insted of taking advantadge of these milenar proven fighting sistems, you know for sure better than me that special forces around the world, specially USA they go more with the Israel Krav Maga sistem, with Ninjutsu sistem, Jujutsu and Taijutsu and a lot of boxing and muy thai and this is whats going on in the most Special Forces around the world, periud. i don't kmow why but these are the sistems that make a part of the real trainning in most countries army, navy and air force' s Special Forces !! And not so much these great arts Kali and Sillat and i would love to know the reason for that !!! Thank You for the videos , they are fantastic !!

  4. john paul says:

    I'm from silvero and panay clan. My grand pops is a crazy Arni's fighter, I've seen him practicing when I was a kid during my vacation and my pops used to tell me stories of his fights and training. Sad thing he wasn't able to pass down the knowledge because his son's moved in manila when they're younger and he died without passing the knowledge.

  5. NK says:

    If you want to reach large groups of people, you should work on your presentation skills. The only thing that BJJ for example makes so popular are the skills of people like rener gracie. It's always the people who can presentate themselves the best who will be successful.

  6. 808Fdup says:

    FMA is great, i train it myself.. just putting something out there, all the ways that we train against blades, NO ONE real attacker will attack in those ways. Real knife fights happen violently, rapidly, and no matter how much we drill habud and all the rest of the shit, it simply is unrealistic approach to COMBAT.. if you dont believe me lets have a shock blade match ANYTIME.

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