Why The Balisong “Butterfly” Knife is ILLEGAL

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27 thoughts on “Why The Balisong “Butterfly” Knife is ILLEGAL

  1. Ronin Art says:

    100% legal in New Hampshire, several years ago our state became one of the most knife friendly in the US by repealing all knife laws and forbidding cities & towns from enacting their own. Considering this plus the fact we have no firearm restrictions beyond the federal ones and are a constitutional carry state according to the Left blood should be flowing down the streets. But the truth is NH is one of the safest places to live in the US according to FBI & CDC statistics.

  2. Zuwark Gaming says:

    In Cali, Butterfly knives are legal to purchase/produce/own, and legal to carry if the blade is less than 2 inches in length, that technically goes for any type of balisong knife in Cali. Also, California has legal switchblades, amd those things are deemed illegal throughout the U.S.

  3. Golden Pwnda says:

    The reason it's illegal is because it was the first concealed weapon ever made. Although it isn't illegal in every country, movies like Kick-Ass and kick-ass 2 is because they use something called green screens and they go to different countries where the weapon isn't illegal. If I were you I probably wouldn't use a butterfly knife because you would have to learn tricks and surtain techniques. I surgest a katana or a light weapon, because of the movements would be way easier and look more awesome.

  4. Tommy B says:

    All the comments are people saying "criminals could use other knives" and saying criminals use these but they're banned cause too many people cut themselves. I have a practice one that isn't sharp and I would've cut myself 100 times over already

  5. Kevin Fegan says:

    I really respect Doug, and he may specifically know that in one or a few cases, this is the reason that butterfly knives are illegal in those few places. But more likely, he is using his intuition, or his knowledge from stories he has heard, which may or may not be true. If he has first hand knowledge then I'm sure he is telling the truth and as I said, I respect that.

    But it's not possible that he could know this for all the places in the world that these knives have become illegal. I'm sure that the reason in many different places is different for each place.

    Logically though, overall, there are many more cases of people injuring themselves with many everyday items, including other types of knives, and none of these are illegal/banned. And most times these other items cause injuries that are much more serious than you could ever get by injuring your self while mishandling a butterfly knife.

    Consider falls from ladders, hand axe injuries, lawn mower injuries, and even kitchen knife injuries while preparing food. Aside from for example, stabbing yourself in the eye, accidental self-injuries from mishandling a butterfly knife are mostly limited to small cuts on the hand/fingers, that really wouldn't require any medical attention in the hospital.

    The more likely reason is that the PERCEPTION is that these knives are used frequently in crimes.

  6. VenusKumar says:

    I looked it up in my state and it's not illegal unless you have one on you while a cop pulls you over or something and you don't tell them. I live in AZ in the United States, correct me if I'm wrong.

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