Why I decided not to do a PhD any time soon | Reasons why doing a PhD isn't good for me right now.



In this video I’m telling you why I decided not to do a phd any time soon. I’d always known that I would do a PhD right after my Master’s program but then a lot …

14 thoughts on “Why I decided not to do a PhD any time soon | Reasons why doing a PhD isn't good for me right now.

  1. PhDCoffeeTime says:

    Hi Laura, listening to your story makes me have goosebumps. I am a 6th-year postdoc, who has just left academia last month. I am going through the same process of asking my value system, reflecting life priority, and journaling my thoughts every day. It's a tough process but so important!

    The process of gaining self-awareness and acceptance to personal value, the financial situation is essential for PhD, and I agree with you that many people might see the glamorous sides and didn't fully consider the COST of a PhD!

    Sorry about your mom! I think you are going to make her feel proud that you embrace your priority and make decisions that are aligning with your value.

    @21:23 I felt the same way "coming out" with my advisor that I no longer want an academic career. I am happy they are respectful of my decision.

    Thank you for sharing your story! I know it will inspire many people out there.

  2. Ha ber says:

    I'm also struggling with whether to get a Ph.D. or not. I feel so relaxed after hearing about your reasons. It helps me to think about my own situation, thank you so much for sharing your opinions, xo!

  3. Artist and the City says:

    This is so interesting. I’m in love with academia but there’s so many issues and hardships in academia that I’m not entirely sure about it. I think this is a really cool video tbh and I hope to figure out ways to involve myself in the research interests that I like on my own time. Btw, what did you use to build your website?

  4. Justyna Z says:

    Only You know what is the best for you. I respect your choice. I love your videos. I'm learning English after a long break. Also your video about your family situation is close to me… Keep it up Laura!

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