Why Dual Wielding Doesn’t Work In Real Life

Call of Duty may have lied to you. Dual wielding is tested by a tactical instructor with years of field experience. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

40 thoughts on “Why Dual Wielding Doesn’t Work In Real Life

  1. Amercian Warrior07 says:

    Why does every one get dual wielding wrong? You dont hit multiple targets you keep both guns straight at One target to take him out faster, you also use one for direct hits and other to suppress. 2 guns means two bullets at the same speed as one.

  2. Sum Ma says:

    I'm a believer in Dual Wielding. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me about the subject. P.S. If you call it akimbo, you need to re-evaluate your life.

  3. Art Wood says:

    I have to say, Shooting dual, most proponents of this don't fire them at the same time but rather one at a time taking a fraction of a second to prioritize targets leading to higher accuracy. Thus I don't think this was a far comparison. However, that being said, getting shot no matter where on the body still pretty much ends most fights.

  4. Mellow Skull says:

    2 things
    1: If someone is ambidextrous the problem with strong and weak arm is gone.
    2: You don't have to shoot simultaneously all the time, you could shoot with one arm and when that gun is out of ammo, you could switch arms.

  5. Monty Adams says:

    Police good guy etc it doesn't work bc you have bystander potentially hurt. Bad guy or for suppressing fire it does work. Not accurate but you can put heads down for sure.

  6. sonnypally6 says:

    Honestly, this is kinda BS. The problem with duel wielding pistols, isn't duel wielding. The problem is trying to shoot two targets at once. The key when duel wielding is to shoot in the old "Gunfighter," style. That is to say, alternating hands and targets. So, shoot one round at the right target with the right hand gun, then one round at the left target with the left hand gun. People who have trained to shoot/duel wield in this way, can be very accurate, because again, the problem isn't dominant eye/hand this or that. Training fixes that. The problem with duel wielding and this video is trying to shoot two targets at once. Also, you can be very accurate if shooting with two pistols at one target, because again, the problem is trying to focus on and shoot multiple targets.

  7. Mark Curry says:

    Use your less dom hand for cover fire when you get to cover marry your thumbs on the dom hand and send precise shots. When moving to another target do the same. That's a creative way for dual running

  8. American Berserker says:

    i completely aggry with all of this and would never need ro cary more then one gun for every day cary, but if for some reason you were shooting two guns. gou would not be shooting them both at the same time. even in movies the shooter takes time to aim. The two guns are more for not needing to move your whole body to one side to shoot, you already have a gun in both hands so you only need to turn your head. Im a right dom like mamy others but shooting a gun in both hands is super easy for me, i have yet to try shooting Dule with real guns but with the fake guns i play with i find the acuricy very on point when you take half a second to aim each gun.

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