Why Barter Items for SHTF? Gear Check Up



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27 thoughts on “Why Barter Items for SHTF? Gear Check Up

  1. Gringo says:

    Bullets and junk silver have never failed me. You can shoot the bullets years after buying and the silver just consistently increases in value. Any time I see a good deal on my preferred ammo, I but as much as I can get.

  2. KingParisBuckingham says:

    Hey bros,am a Caribbean builder/ landscaper in NYC ,I wanna bater my skills for a few survival gear.i can build houses,cabins,septic tanks,fences,bunkers etc..will travel to do your work,wanna move outa NYC anyways email for pics of my work and tel.am also a pro master guitarist songwriter,can teach you guitar too . (email:guitarpiano@aol.com

  3. Jerry Dismukes says:

    @ 27:50…. as if it couldn't get crazier, along comes the garden blight… It was a HORRIBLE growing season in the Carolinas. ALL my gardening friends & family were effected. Lesson learned… Get canning on veggies earlier in the season

  4. Deborah Chapman says:

    Loved your show! Subscribed, but behind in watching. Old lady stuck in town, Love your Christian attitude, and Defense info. Prepping up for possible shortages. Thanks for covering so many important things. So many seem to think it's just something to chit chat about and many oblivious! Just staying hunkered down.
    Woman Vet in PNW.

  5. Joe R says:

    I have a pitcher of 1930s GERMANY WOMAN is burning money to keep warm because it was cheaper to burn money then to buy fire wood . all so for those who think gold & silver forget it ' the GOVERMINT will give you a time to turn it in or you will go to jail like 1900s it was Eligal for AMERICAN to own preshas metals

  6. Mark Olsen says:

    A painless way to buy silver, is to go to your local bank—- buy a box of quarters; just like your local businesses do for change;
    Go through those rolles, and pull out the silver ones.
    replce the silver ones with modern quarters— then go back to the bank and turn inn the box

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