Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let's Find Out!



Clogged drains happen at the worst possible times. So, which type of drain opener works best to unclog drains quickly? Will these products cause damage to …

34 thoughts on “Which Drain Opener is the Best? Let's Find Out!

  1. Clayton Root says:

    Take away??? Forget all this crap and buy yourself a good PLUNGER! The stuff it sucks out of our bathroom sink is disgusting BUT it works very effectively. Interestingly, I've NEVER had to plunge our kitchen sink in the 42 years we've lived here.
    Also interesting is the fact that our 50+ year old house has Copper drains, including the large down-pipe for the upstairs toilet. That thing would cost a fortune today. Thankfully, it was built just before the aluminum wiring craze so it still has copper wires. I just replaced all the receptacles throughout the house as a precautionary measure and found that the wires still look as shiny as a brand new penny.

  2. john lehan says:

    Bimonthly I pour hot vinegar down the kitchen sink. After setting 5minutes I pour boiling water with baking soda. The chemical reaction and heat clears the drain.

  3. Frank James says:

    i can wash my hands with most of them, acid products work best, ie Pro-flow from RONA ,or pro plumbing stores, don't pour into a drain full of water then nothing will work unless its not far from the drain opening , after it does its job wash the line out with warm water and soap over 3 minites .

  4. Lee Brewer says:

    Great review – thanks! But save your money people! Instantaneous and free unclogging typical sink using water:
    Use an empty plastic 2 liter bottle filled with hot tap water. Remove sink stopper. Quickly invert and put the bottle's top into the drain then Immediately, and firmly (use some oomph!), crush the 2 liter bottle by pushing downward with both hands on the bottle's base…like you are trying to push the bottle itself into the drain opening as forceful as you can.

     The hot water HAS to exit the bottle down the drain, and any clog in the water's way HAS to move. Even stubborn clogs get pushed through. The laws of physics are wonderful when implemented properly 🙂
    Also works for the bathtub. If you think the opening is too large to make all the water go into the drain when forced, put a wash rag around the hole and then invert and push.

  5. Patrick Canastar says:

    Always wondered if you diluted hair removal lotion with a light cooking oil (to sink through a water backup), would it eat the hair in a clog/slow drain and break it up enough to clear? Love the channel!!!

  6. Mid-Tenn Raider Fan says:

    Old plumber trick if you have a slow draining drain and not necessarily fully clogged but boiling water works wonders. I have used a chemical liquid, let it set 15-20 mins then flushed with a pot of boiling water. Works amazing! So if your shower is not draining fast and seems to be slow before a full clogged occurs flush with a stock pot of boiling water, and pour it all at once in the drain. the real hot water seems to break up the junk and flush it out really well

  7. Gonso2014 says:

    Never put those chemicals down your drains please. If you have a clog the only thing it should go in your pipes in vinegar and very hot water. In the event that you need to snake your lines your plumber will thank you and the environment as well. Thank you for posting this video. Top notch as usual.

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