41 thoughts on “When Should I Hit My Attacker?

  1. rory lewellen says:

    I see this and conclude this is really about reaction time, timing, and distance. You are allowing opponent to get too close and your reaction time is nullified. As a general principle don't let someone in your threat zone without backing away or moving in with full attack. It is too dangerous. It is way too dangerous and could be fatal. When a person attacks you from a close distance you simply can't react in time. Studies have been done on this and a normal human being just can't react. It reminds me of the driving rule to allow one car length for ever y 10 miles per hour to avoid collision.

  2. Mark, Booth. says:

    Why did you go against what you have already taught. He pushed. That is enough to run,,or strike with attackers momentum as you taught before. Diffuse by walking away. if then not possible, go for every deadly hit available. Throat, Shut the eyes. Whatever it takes then back away again, leaving nothing to attack again. kind of hypocritical Boss. No disrespect. Your awesome

  3. rory lewellen says:

    I disagree with part of what you do. When you let the bad guy get so close to you and at this distance you cannot react to his blows in time….very difficult to do when he is in your space. The law in most states says you have the right to do a "pre-emptive" strike if you feel threatened. I might step back once and say I am not looking for trouble..but once he gets in a certain range (closer than the length of his leg extended plus about 2 inches) I would run or strike because within that distance he can strike without telegraphing his movement. I like and agree with most of what you say in a majority of your video's. It's a matter of following the law and surviving the attack. I say go pre-emptive when he enters your space and does any offensive action. Don't wait.

  4. jim foley says:

    Great videos.  Likable teacher.  So happy he does not wear hair in pony tail.  Unable to take any pony tail guy seriously.  But guys in non traditional sports drawn to pony tail like flies to honey.

  5. NothingMaster says:

    Great video! This one answered one of my biggest concerns about street fights — balancing the risk of getting seriously hurt by waiting too long, against the potential legal ramifications of opting for a devastating preemptive strike.

  6. Monkeyman Hammer says:

    Hello Nick,, I would have liked to see your reaction or opinion on when to strike first.
    My opinion would be that it would depend on the level of aggression that is being shown against me and how close the aggressor is to me….

  7. Mike Ramirez says:

    Great video. Here's my rules of engagement: If someone has threatened me and has the means to inflict harm upon me, I am going to use force and strike first. I will employ good tactics and seek the advantage but will only use the minimum amount of force necessary to incompacitate the aggressor.

  8. Minh Nguyen says:

    I understand that the first thing you would do is talking, verbally defuse the situation, make your opponent think but does it also mean that you will have to think what to say and it will make you lose focus on your opponent? Great video by the way 🙂

  9. Jake Moore says:

    As soon as they physically touch thats when you drop them. A couple of verbal warnings and if not, down they go. there going out of there way to start a fight bullys and people that go out of there way to pick on people, need reality smacked between the eyes.

  10. Jake Moore says:

    As soon as they physically touch thats when you drop them. A couple of verbal warnings and if not, down they go. there going out of there way to start a fight bullys and people that go out of there way to pick on people, need reality smacked between the eyes.

  11. ahmed assaad says:

    seriously, if you need someone to tell you when to hit your attacker it means that you have no common sense in self defense or you're too coward and most probably you won't have any chance against any attacker.

  12. hurbit123 says:

    When he has this spark in the eye and obviously enjoys aggressing you, you need to stop this first, because he will certainly attack you, because he likes this and is confident to win. Thats the time to go preemptive, but of course with a 'finte' for 'ruse' first to prepare your finishing strike.

  13. Tony Montana says:

    Γεια σου πατριωτη ειμαι απο την Ελλαδα Hello patriot i from Greece i am not practitioner about martial arts i try to exercise gymnastic like running chin ups etc a few cause my body has problems….so my opinion is to dangerous to fight cause maybe the other is proffesional and in this time the enemy find a way….to hit one in thousand but this one maybe the last time for life

  14. Dean Miller says:

    Adequate advice, but going on the offense after the guy has pushed you several times is probably too late as he is now looking for your response and is ready to defend against it. A "better" response IMO would be to strike AS the attacker is reaching toward you or as soon as he enters your strike zone with aggression. Cops don't shoot after you draw a gun and aim it, they shoot when you reach for an area that MIGHT present an immanent threat. The guy takes an aggressive stance means red alert. If he does anything else while in an aggressive stance that means the fight has already started. BTW Mr Drossos, you sure talk a lot in your videos, maybe too much IMO.

  15. Tom Quinn says:

    I respect you and have learned so much from your videos. I am 65 now but have some experience on the street. I would be all over you as soon as you touched me. That worked for me. As soon as physical contact if any kind is made. I am in your face sll out.

  16. Guilherme Oliveira says:

    yes man, I pass for a similar situation a couple of years ago… It's a very tuff situation and I believe keeping the breath hold below the stomach can really helps to gain courage and take an action… In fact this year a beggar tried to fight with me at the train and I strategically put him out… If I learned something in ten years of kendo is, hold your breath tight below the stomach, be calm and search a way out… thanks for the videos.

  17. Ajthewarrior1 says:

    Brilliant stuff but I have a question, what would you do if he has his hands on the top of your arms, not the shoulders but the top of the arm where he can restrict you arm movements, would you start using you legs or what would be the best plan of action?

  18. Mr Anomalous says:

    Attack if you hear people shouting worldstar!! LOL no serious personally If someone invades your personal space, after being warned you should adopt a boxing stance, make yourself a smaller target and have balance. Soon as his hands make a fist or he pulls his hands back, strike dont take the chance that's if they use there hands. Dont give them any chance because they would of left you for dead.

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