12 thoughts on “When Padwork Becomes Bullshido…

  1. Danny Lamb says:

    – pad work is great to learn how to fight, especially when you have give and receive drills where you actively slip and duck/roll punches. I have a tricker friend that comes to my dojo for fight choreo and he's been training pad work something fierce for last 3 months – we put gloves on him and had him fight his friend who has had martial arts training and is also a tricler bboy etc. I watched him use a lot of his pad work training from hitting his footwork to slipping and countering with solid looking hits that landed. Pad work is perfect for beginners and intermediate to build up their responses and for them to see attacks without the fear of getting lights punched out. Gives them proper tools to start sparring. So yeah hitting pads by themselves actually does make a difference – probably won't be enough to go pro – but not a lot of people who train give a damn about that lol

  2. 1256 8488 says:

    In one corner you have one fighter with his training methods and in the other corner you have another fighter with his own training methods. Which one has the better methods? The one who wins the fucking fight. You never know if they don't fucking fight. You

  3. Docinaplane says:

    There's a man on Youtube, Mittmaster, who is a great PAD teacher. I've taken his techniques into sparring with success. He teaches everything with pads. I especially like how he uses them with MMA training because it allows the student to really punch and elbow during ground fighting.

  4. AIKIDO SPIRIT says:

    You do not even acknowledge Aikido as an effective martial art, because you measure it on those who did not master it. It takes much effort to master it, physically and spiritually. But once you mastered it, you basically stand at the top.

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