37 thoughts on “What’s the Big Deal with Filipino Martial Arts?!

  1. BrainTrance says:

    I practice FCS Kali and Krav-Maga. Empty handed Kali (Panantukan/Filipino dirty boxing) has influences in many self-defence systems and (in my opinion) the best usage of elbows among all martial arts/systems. It's a pitty not to be promoted equally in comparison with Kali's weapon fighting.

  2. Ardy See says:

    How is FMA Filipino Martial Art different from Tae Kwon Do? Tae Kwon Do uses the dirty tricks of other martial art style or system including gentlemen style and street style. Why not combine FMA with all Tae Kwon Do and all other known dirty tricks and call it Durterte Harry in honor of Rodrigo Duterte and Dirty Harry and be truly UNCONQUERABLE in body, heart, mind and spirit? The word "harry" in the English language means "to torment and harrass" and "to force or push along."

    Surgical strikes against the criminally insane persons of interest in the Globalist Dark Cabal, a/k/a political ass-ass-i-nation, may be the final solution. Selective takeouts of the most problematic members of the Resistance has been practiced by the Globalist Dark Cabal since the beginning of humanity on planet Earth. JFK is one of the most prominent examples.

  3. dosdadio siapa says:

    Whatever technique of fighting using a bolo knife that a Filipino had developed to defend himself, he keep it to himself and when he had his own family he will teach his sons or even daughters. Whatever self defense technique and style developed before were keep within the family or clan. or to a group that practice such style. I remember adult guys in the province at the backyard they will pick any stick or tree branch then they swiss their branches to their partners- attacking, defending. They do it step by step. Ex: if one will smash his weapon this way , I will block and step this way then hit him in this part of the body. There are no many movements. Purely defense and that included attacking first before the other can swiss his weapon.

  4. David Diez says:

    What's the towel going to do? What are the slaps going to do? You should show how you would throw real blows. I just laugh because it looks impractical. Sorry no disrespect. Show how it can be used on an someone with knife skills. Not saying I do, in actual speed.

  5. Kyle Rushing says:

    greetings all. I want to get into self defense (kravmaga and kali specifically) but it seems like every place around me is more concerned with the workout then the learning. any suggestions? from Seattle. thanks!

  6. BoxBear says:

    I'm curious what happened to maces? Is it possible to make one for the modern day? I'm not talking the ball on chains. I'm talking about the piece of metal attached to the end of a handle.

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